Learn how to grow your own chicory! You don’t even need to have a
garden or special tools. It’s very easy to do, you’ll get many crops out of just a few roots and it’s fun to watch them grow. Kids will love getting involved in this too and it’s educational. They’ll probably be more willing to try the vegetables they’ve seen grow as well. 🙂 If you don’t have kids, but you have bunnies or horses, they’ll be happy too. Bunnies love the chicory and horses love the chicory roots! So everybody’s happy.

* HD – Watch the video in High Definition by clicking the second ‘wheel’ icon in the right down bar of the video and changing the quality to the highest number 🙂

* subtitles – This video has subtitles in English and Dutch! Depending on your settings these should automatically be shown in your language, but you can also turn them on/off manually by clicking the ‘CC’ icon and choosing your preferred language
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How to grow chicory/endive at home (indoors)

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  • Conan McRyan

    So awesome thanks! These are great for juicing, especially if you have been 'illin. Once grown, they fetch a pretty expensive price in markets. So glad I can just grow them myself now! 🙂

  • Noe Berengena

    Wait a minute… other chicory videos show a woody stemmed plant that grows about 2 feet high with purple flowers. Are these the same plant?

  • Annelies Verhoeven

    Bedankt! ik heb net een hoop van die wortels gekregen en heb totaal geen groene vingers, wist dus echt niet wat ik ermee moest doen maar jouw video is heel duidelijk, danjewel 🙂 ohja, kan je er maar 1 keer een witloof afhalen of blijven die keer op keer aangroeien?

  • talkingalwayz

    well the carrot tops are growing really good. i was about to go buy a bunch more carrots so i can start more n have some free greens for them.. but i learned they are high in calcium-dammit lol

  • talkingalwayz

    gm.. 🙂 just wanted to let you know im attempting to re-grow the carrot tops. dunno how good they'll do.. i dont get much light in my windows and its chilly there too but hey.. its worth a shot 🙂

  • talkingalwayz

    so i finished the video. this is definitely one i will be growing for my bunnies 🙂 couple questions tho. where can i buy these roots? and once the root has given as many plants as it can. does that mean i have to buy new roots or can i take it all apart, trim and replant? is there any other plants that grow like this in a basement? id really like to be able to offer my buns more fresh foods vs pellets. im sure you're a busy person but im really hoping you can take the time to help me. thumbs up and subscribed 🙂

  • talkingalwayz

    I'm looking to grow some greens for my rabbits-lots of rabbits lol is this plant one that will grow all season? is it one i can keep harvesting from? assuming its one i can keep harvesting from, how long does it take for me to take from the plant again? looking for a couple fast growing healthy greens i can keep harvesting from for my buns, along with some purselane.. open for some low calcium fast growing suggestions 🙂 ty

  • Romel Madray

    Dear CraftyRenate

    Great vid,if you can spare the time can you answer some questions for me. I was looking online for some help but information was sparse and also it is better to get practical information from someone with experience, such as yourself will prove better.

    1. I wanted to know at what temperature the roots were kept in the plastic container to induce forcing of the chicon
    2. You stated that there can be at least five harvests from the same root. Can I ask how long does the root last before the root quality deteriotes and how many harvest did you get.
    3. What were the growing conditions that you used to produce endive eg. Temperature fluctuations. Did you have to vernalize the root before planting out to force the chicon.

    Your response appreciated.


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