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Learn how to grow big bulb onions. I share some tips on growing big bulb onions. I planted 1015 and 1015Y varieties of onions. RESOURCES: – Mittleider Garden… Related PostsGrow onions in terrace garden || Roof Gardening tips || Shanti – Dheeraj || RytunesthamGrow It Yourself: Onions Are Nothing to Cry AboutVegetable Gardening : How to Grow Large Sweet OnionsVegetable Gardening: Growing Onions – How to Grow OnionsEasily Grow Herbs In Your Kitchen! – Countertop Hydroponic GardenHow To make NFT Hydroponics // Make storage box as Hydroponics grow box


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  • Justin Harrell 5 years ago

    Yeah and you can also save those onion tops your cutting off in a jar to
    dry out and you got your self some chives to go on a baked potato or a to
    add flavor to a nice soup or stew or even to add to stuffing for the
    hollidays mate. Great vid!?

  • Mary Kay Thompson 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for this GREAT video. I had never heard of this
    technique, but I can see how it would work. Just out of curiosity – what
    did you do with the onion greens? Dry them? Clean, chop and dry for in
    soups and stews? ?

  • Vicky Boyer 5 years ago

    what is the wire you have along side the water pipe there for??

  • 1400deadwood 5 years ago

    very beautiful onion harvest – I bet they tasted just great?

  • Howard Prussack 5 years ago

    As a commercial onion grower,I have never heard of this technique. I would
    worry about opening up the stem to botrytis from water getting into the
    onion. Besides that I might give it a try on a bed next year. We grow about
    30,000 lbs of organic onions yearly.?

  • steve john 5 years ago

    Lds prepper wats that? and wats the nutes your useing? ?

  • Gloria Thomas 5 years ago

    Nice video.?

  • PATTAYA! EXCITING! NEWS! 5 years ago

    good video?

  • Harley Rider 5 years ago

    The green portion that your cutting off, can it be used??

  • Stanytza Billen 5 years ago

    You can cut the top leaves will grow bigger you harvest when flower bloom?

  • JoLuffiroSauce 5 years ago

    Omfg.. i LOVE your onions set up! I love growing Onions!?

  • bogski2026 5 years ago

    Hello I like the way you made on your sprinkler. I hope you have video on
    how it is done thanks.?

  • Nell Easter 5 years ago

    Mine got huge when i cut the tops :)?

  • See Canon 5 years ago

    You can take the onion tops clean them, cull them, cut or slice them and
    dehydrate them for later use in soups, stews, on potatoes and salads and in
    Asian dishes. Where did you get your saw dust? I tried Mel’s B gardening
    and yielded nothing to write home about. Your potatoes and onions looked
    great! Thanks I have subscribed.?

  • brrag 5 years ago

    do you use composted sawdust mixed with the sand or is it just dry sawdust??

  • California Gardening 5 years ago

    These onions are amazing!?

  • Beth Oquist 5 years ago

    Nicely done. Thanks for the tip!?

  • Christina Kuhn 5 years ago

    what is in the weekly feed?????

  • Tacks Sherbo 5 years ago

    Mittleider has nothing to do with an onion being sweet or not. It also
    depends on your location. Good grief. If you get the right type of onion,
    sure, it will be sweet. If it is too sweet, like Vidalia or Walla Walla,
    it won’t keep through the winter and must be eaten quickly. Boy, what a
    sales pitch. . ?

  • chad51172 5 years ago

    hi lds if you keep the greens and dehydrate them you can make onion chives
    they are good for cooking?

  • Thomas Fisher Jr 5 years ago

    Are you using pressure treated lumber for your raised beds? And, thanks
    for the tips, I’m going to try it.?

  • Karen Lincoln 5 years ago

    I thought you posted somewhere where you got the onions, didn’t you have
    some candied onions I think was the name.?

  • countrylovinme 5 years ago

    Lovely video! Thank you!?

  • MrOldclunker 5 years ago

    Great video, just watch out if your using pressure treated lumber near your
    plants, the preservative can be taken in by the plants. ?

  • Scott Mitchell 5 years ago

    Planted too close . They would get larger if not planted so tightly . ?