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Jeb would like to share how to grow basil in a mason jar with you! The music is Mendelssohn’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” from the YouTube audio library. Related PostsGrow Infinite Basil Plants for using Hydroponics or the Kratky Method#4 Hydroponic Gardening – Grow Organic Plants Fast / Basil HydroponicNFT Hydroponics Basil Perpetual Grow GuideHow to Grow an Infinite Amount of Basil HydroponicallyMason jar hydroponics/Grow leafy greensDIY Mason Jar Herb Garden- HGTV Handmade

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  • Coherent Osin Ello 2 years ago

    Finally, someone that can feel the same love, for basil.

  • npSwitzVilla 2 years ago

    This is beautiful! This is the perfect method, I tried growing basil before but failed

  • aris gemino 2 years ago

    you deserve more subs. best gardening videos ever

  • Lana L.A. 2 years ago


  • Iduna Asgard 2 years ago

    You're awesome! Thank you for teaching us ♡

  • mustafa mcclatchey 2 years ago

    why are there only 18k views?! this is awesome. subscribed! do sunflowers when you get a chance!

  • Julia Keane 2 years ago

    What do you do for a living? ☺

  • Lito Dequina 2 years ago

    How much light is needed to do this indoors?

  • maria adams 2 years ago


  • Daniel Cruz 2 years ago

    LOL the wedding music

  • Himatee Sookhai 2 years ago

    hey Jeb can I use that fertilizer blend for tomatoes plant for in ground growing.thank you ,very nice.

  • Miguel del Prado 2 years ago

    awesome channel! i love the comedic monotone

  • daxos72 2 years ago

    awwwwsome video. Can you continuously propagate the cuttings indefinitely or do they get bitter/die out?

  • Randy Lemoine 2 years ago

    Jeb…you are hilarious dude. Nice vid.

  • Sebastian Ortmann 2 years ago

    what grow lights should i use on my desk?

  • Sebastian Ortmann 2 years ago

    instant sub, easy, funny and on point

  • Mr Y5ii 2 years ago

    hello my dear , my name is Khalid I am from Palestine living in Jordan ,I am a beginner in hydroponics I read too much about hydroponics but I am interested in kratcky method I will appreciate your help I will start growing in the middle of March and I will let u see my versions so u can comment and this will help me ,thanks Jep

  • Adriano Batti 2 years ago

    I love basil too!!! How can you make pasta without it?