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    its kokedama you are correct, but , i have still not grown any plant in this technique, so it would be very early to give any comments about this, and kantanki bori means jute bag , if i am correct , i will , first try this technique personally , and experience it, then i can give any suggestions about its growing condition. but as per my knowledge care of coleus will be the same , no matter , how you grow, and in which technique you grow, the essential point is the basic requirements and conditions of a plant in which it can grow successfully, that is air water and sunlight, its requirement will be the same , no matter, in which technique you grow,

  • Hita Thaker 5 months ago

    Japanese tarika it means string plants

  • Hita Thaker 5 months ago

    Hi MJ GM. Mene Kal hi coleus ko lake kantanki bori me mitti ke sath laptke kokadaema bana liya hea. Me aapko photo kese bheju?