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John from goes on a field trip to Hamilton Tavern, a pub in Baltimore, Maryland that is growing food on its roof. In this episode you will learn more about this urban roof top garden on top of this pub that grows food for use in its restaurant. In this episode, you will learn some of the essential elements you will need to know to have a successful rooftop edible garden. After watching this video you will learn about the types of containers, soil mixture, the irrigation, trellising as well as the vegetables and herbs you may want to plant. The Hamilton Tavern Garden was planted with help from Hamilton Crop Circle. Related PostsRooftop Organic Vegetable Garden – Awesome Urban Rooftop GardenPatio & Deck Raised Bed Container Gardening Grow Vegetable Garden Food Small Spaces Tomatoes HerbsGrow a Vegetable Garden at Home JULY 26th container gardening how to start plant tomato seedsHow to Grow a Vegetable Garden at Home HARVEST June 14th Update container gardeningHow to Build A Sunken Container Vegetable Garden: All the Steps – Save Resource, Money & Grow More!Container Garden May 4th UPDATE Harvest Lettuce Organic vegetable gardening how to grow

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  • william alston 5 years ago

    I enjoy your field trips so thanks for sharing them, they help me be a better gardener, especially giving me some new ideas and shape the future of my personal gardens.?

  • Jerilyn Holland 5 years ago

    His eyes are not getting smaller. Shut up!

  • juki0h 5 years ago

    how do you re-fertilizer the dirt? im really new to all of this

  • Valarie Cummickey 5 years ago

    I am looking for walking onions fro our school gardon do you have any that you cpolu donate to us. My address is pi box 152 yucca AZ. 86438

  • Afleet Alex 5 years ago

    John! Make a bloopers video!

  • va3xto 5 years ago

    Good idea. I think I will get started on that when the snow melts next May.

  • 2reasons 5 years ago

    I have been watching him for a while now and his eyes are getting smaller or are they…

  • Randy Arena 5 years ago

    Great idea… the weight issue could be substantially lessened if shear braces were used… it is a bit dangerous for the structure unless it was built for weight on the roof… but since it is brick it is it is something to maybe brace the corners a bit… at least in Earthquake country like where we live… but I love the idea of urban gardening… very green!

  • ecomouse66 5 years ago

    Wish I knew you were in Hamilton. I live 4 blocks from there and would've bought you a beer or 2 or 3…

  • harrisric128 5 years ago

    "Right where you need it… on your roof" haha

  • Always Learnin' 5 years ago

    That is no lie!

  • Jordan Blake 5 years ago

    Sweet vid.

  • Pat Quick 5 years ago

    a green roof will also help keep the roof cooler reducing the amount of energy it takes to cool down stairs

  • thegameguy1000 5 years ago

    According to Wikipedia, Alliums (chives, garlic, onions) should not be planted near nightshades (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers)….

  • ellatizme 5 years ago

    Your videos always make my day!

  • drewc1011 5 years ago

    eewh produce traveling 1500 miles on a smoggy highway

  • Dennis Peacock 5 years ago

    The Key Word Here is safety, dont overload the building

  • L. Charles Burch 5 years ago
  • Itwasallwonderfulnot 5 years ago

    As always love your videos! Love the field trip videos too.

  • WoodRodent 5 years ago

    Nice John. Don't forget the cooling benefit of having the containers on the roof absorbing sun energy.