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This is going to be a short series on growing an inexpensive Mittleider garden in your own soil on a budget. You too can grow a healthy garden in your own soil with tools that you already own and have in your garage. Grow boxes with custom grow mediums are nice, but they can become expensive. Follow me in this series as I show you how to grow a beautiful and healthy garden in your own soil on the cheap. To get your free digital copy of the first 7 chapters from the new Mittleider gardening course book go to You can purchase the micro-nutrients you will need for the weekly feed at Related PostsMittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenMittleider Gardening: Tomato Soil Comparison UpdateMittleider Gardening: Tomato Soil Comparison Update 07/25/15How I fill a Mittleider Grow BoxPart 1 of 2 How to Build an Inexpensive Indoor Garden Grow Light Station: The Rusted Garden 2013Grow the Best Garden by Building the Best Organic Soil

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  • Sandra Lewis 7 months ago

    Thanks so much. This is great. I've got several grow boxes but want to expand and this has given me some great suggestions. Keep up the good work.

  • FrugalPrepper's Garage & Garden 7 months ago

    Excellent Video and this will be and excellent series. It is amazing how many people think you have to spend tons of money to do Mittleider. So many don't even know the soil method exists. It is great of Jim to give away the first 7 lessons free too!

  • Step One survival 7 months ago

    I'll try playing around with this next year.