John from goes on a field trip to the home of Tino in Houston, Texas who grows the Big Fat Greek Vegetable Garden. You will discover how Tino grows food without adding any fertilizer or Soil Amendments.

In this episode, John will take you on a tour of Tino’s front yard garden and show you may of Tino’s techniques that allow him to grow on the free and cheap. Tino is a unique gardener that does not believe in many commonly accepted practices in the garden, and instead, comes up with his own gardening style.

You will learn the two ways that Tino starts his seeds to grow into full-size vegetable plants. You will discover how Tino grows the most food in the least amount of space. You will learn how Tino makes sure his plants are strong and seek out their own water and nutrients. You will discover one of the best time-saving tips for transplanting seedlings that can save you time. You will also discover how you can use 100% straight compost to grow your seedlings instead of a sterile seed-starting mixture. You will also learn how some common vegetables at the store can be used to grow your garden. You will discover how to best start seedlings in trays. You will learn how Tino is re-using an old ice machine to make a one-of-a-kind composter. You are sure to learn many other gardening tips and tricks that can save you time and ensure you have a healthier and more productive garden.

Finally, John will interview Tino at the end of this episode and ask him a few questions:

0:44:44 Why are you growing all this food here?
0:45:29 Why is it so important to communicate to your plants?
0:48:23 Why do you only minimally water and let plants fend for themselves?
0:50:42 What don’t you add compost and worm castings to your garden?
0:54:30 Why don’t you believe in using rock dust in your garden?
0:57:37 What are your thoughts on chemical fertilizers?
1:00:15 How can someone get ahold of you to buy vegetables or plant starts?

After watching this episode, you will learn more about how to garden without soil amendments and fertilizer. You will also learn many helpful gardening tips including how to start seeds.

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How to Grow a Vegetable Garden without Fertilizer & Soil Amendments

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  • Sandra “Desert Garden”

    with that weather why he is not growing bell peppers and hot peppers maybe have very good sells at the market,very good video love it ..!!i Lerner a lot ..!!

  • Alex Drozd

    Hi, John. This is one of the best episodes I've seen! Tito is doing really amazing job. You too, John, don't worry. But there is something familiar to me in Tito's approach. There is one man doing similar job in Russia and I very much like what he is doing. His name is Boris Bublik. Unfortunately, there are no videos in english available.
    This is what I was asking you a while ago – about creating soil fertility in an affordable way. I know you have a strong motivation to grow the highest quality food. But are you really sure that Tito's vegetables are worse than yours are?
    My proposal to run a taste/quality contest btn your 2 ways of gardening choosing couple types of vegetables as benchmark, eg. peppers, tomatoes, some leafy greens, etc. What do you think?

  • Sally Moiseff

    Please visit again in summer. I would love to see that garden. Learned many great tips. I have to say, I agree with Tino on everything he said. Thanks!!

  • Josey Wilds

    Dude been watching your vids for awhile (3-5) days now, love em, just a note, you was high af on that juicer vid with the fresh hemp plants, best vid yet btw!) anyway keep up the videos cause I'm watching

  • Faye Parker

    WOW!  I learned so much from this video.  I totally agree with him about the plants seeking out what they need when  we start them out right, they will learn to fend for themselves; basically the same as humans in life in terms of being resilient & self sufficient. Living In AZ I know certain plants, etc. are not adapted to desert life, so I agree with you John that there are a lot of variables.  Loved this video, thx so much to you & Tito.

  • Cliff P

    Mr.John may I ask would you happen to have any videos about tissue culture plants? I need a bit help making the media.

  • No BS Survival Blacksmithing Swords And Armour

    free and cheep is so me. I want to grow food with nothing store bought. kind of a doomsday or zombie survival garden. I would love to see more videos like this.

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