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  • Kallol dutta 2 weeks ago

    bahuth achcha laga didi moni. you live long

  • Chandu Kumar Chander 2 weeks ago

    Mam when we use our waste material in our home it's not fair because some helpless and poor people they have not any job so they used our waste material to feed so why I use my our waste materials

  • Matul Hs 2 weeks ago

    next time if you want to speak Indian, please please please, put the title in indian. I click this because the title is in english with a thought that you speak English. a bit dissapointed after i played the video.

  • Preya S 2 weeks ago

    Waah mzzaa aa gya

  • varinder singh 2 weeks ago

    voice. sooo owemmmm

  • Tana Natung 2 weeks ago

    Good n informative video Ma'am.

  • Sri Muti 2 weeks ago

    Can make English langue??? Don't understand

  • Shabana Attar 2 weeks ago

    Kya inse wapas foolgobhi or beetroot mil jayenge??

  • Humera Faisal 2 weeks ago

    Bottle Wala plant ka name Batana plz

  • ananthi CHELA 2 weeks ago

    The plant in bottle is actually a green(spinach)

  • Khawar Ali 2 weeks ago

    Jo red plant apny bottle mai lagaya hai. Us ka name kiya hai?

  • Kiran Vyas 2 weeks ago

    I'll try

  • Avinash Shriwas 2 weeks ago


  • Shahid Ashraf 2 weeks ago

    Sister es video mein apne peyaz etc ko lagaya ,,ye sab kab or kis kis mosam mein laga saktey hein

  • Shahid Ashraf 2 weeks ago

    Sister mint ki cuting laganay ka mosam kon kon sa hay ,,,

  • Farah Naz 2 weeks ago

    Sare vegetables ko pani mein rakhna hai

  • Farah Naz 2 weeks ago

    Insects waghare to nahi ate na

  • Gardening With Pleasure 2 weeks ago


  • Ranvirsinh Zala 2 weeks ago


  • thanks in vegetable ko kis season ma grow krty hai. or katnay duration tk is ko pani daty hai. or daily katni maqdar sa pani daty hai. plzzzzz expain