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For this Veggietorial, I’m going to show you how I started my organic container garden from kitchen scraps and cuttings, no green thumb required. ::SUBSCRIBE:: for more easy DIY’s,recipes and plant-based product reviews YouTube Channel:: Veg·gie·tor·i·als (noun) – Kinda like a tutorial but with more veggies.Whether you’re vegan,vegetarian or just plant-based curious,my channel offers you a comfortable entry point to learn,discover and explore how delicious vegan food can be.I also share plant-based product reviews and my favorite places to eat when you’re Vegging Out! Created,shot and edited by Cobi Kim {El Solo Lobo}::Veggietorials Business Inquiries only: veggietorials@gmail(dot)com Music by the lovely Alfa Garcia,check her out! Shot with my Canon 7d- Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens- Edited in FCP X/Motion 5 Blog:: Facebook:: Instagram:: Twitter:: Tumblr:: ::Watch more:: Vegan Recipes-Cooking Tutorials:: Vegging Out-Restaurant Raves:: Plant-based Product Reviews:: Video Rating: / 5 raised vegetable garden bed Related PostsHow to Grow a Vegetable Garden from Kitchen Waste | Regrow Again and Again!!Grow a kids vegetable garden // Kids Kitchen Garden // Organic Veggies // The GardenettesKitchen Garden Tour November 2020 – Winter Vegetable Gardening UK#Vlog | Today’s Harvest My Vegetable Garden | అకు కురలు కొసుకుంధం | Telugu Vlogs From USA | Mega FamTop 5 Best Vegetables Easy To Grow In Your Vegetable Garden5 Steps to Help Your Vegetable Garden Recover from a Heat Wave 🍅🌞🥒

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  • Pomchilla's Items 4 years ago

    Thank You so much for this no BS right to the point, and mutiple varietys of Diy food in one video.

  • rinnin 4 years ago

    Would this work in a "temperate oceanic climate" like Ireland? Summer temperatures dont get much over 19 to 20 °C (66.2 to 68.0 °F) and winter average about 4 and 7 °C (39.2 and 44.6 °F). Or would I need a greenhouse? Thanks in advance!

  • Dave Af 4 years ago

    best song ever!

  • qbulb 4 years ago

    Great ideas. I think it would be helpful to change the water every day or two.

  • Travis Biedwerwolf 4 years ago

    some one has a green thumb they should plant a dollar

  • 007GeorgiaPeach 4 years ago

    Can you grow your purple onion the same way you do the white onion?

  • Markus Y 4 years ago

    Ok dumb question, but what is a round onion? white? yellow"? Vidalia ? Great video, but i had to turn the sound off.

  • Michele 4 years ago

    Great video thanks.

  • Ralph Melis 4 years ago

    green onion in water. brilliant.

  • Steve Kimball 4 years ago

    Another vegetable that's easy to regrow is the Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke), but the tubers can be hard to find in a supermarket's produce section. Sometimes you can get them at a farmer's market.

  • Carol Nicola 4 years ago

    You don't say anything about watering them once they're in the ground. assuming you give a good soak once you plant them in soil??? and then, how often?

  • Jim Mitchell 4 years ago

    most ginger is treated so it will not sprout as is most garlic..

  • Johanna Borregoo 4 years ago

    lololol..loved the organic pest comtrol! lmao

  • Glenda Jalgalado Cereno 4 years ago

    Hi new subscriber here, I love this video, I have started my own organic garden two weeks ago and I am very excited with the project. Please visit my channel (and subscribe, if you like) Thanks

  • vienna bryan 4 years ago

    enjoyed the video and music very easy to understand n follow wat a positive out come thanks NZ

  • Jessica Li 4 years ago


  • Pixie Gerber 4 years ago

    Do you have to change the water? Also is it not possible to plant them straight away if they are in a greenhouse?

  • GameTrench 4 years ago

    0:37 weed weed weed 420 smoke weed everyday! XXXXDDDD

  • USAMA QADRI 4 years ago

    nice and beneficial video……….
    and i want to ask you that is onion pesticide is working better???