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John from goes on a field trip to a viewers home to share with you how she is growing food at her Condominium. You will discover how you can grow a lot of food in a small amount of space by using raised beds, containers, pallet garden, wine barrels, greenhouses and much more. You will also learn you can make compost or worm castings at your condo or apartment by using a compost bin and worm bin. Next, you will learn about the Community Garden at this Senior Condominium Complex and how the residents are growing food to feed themselves. You will learn how to keep unwanted animals, such as birds, rabbits, and other rodents out of your vegetable garden by using some inexpensive PVC pipe and bird netting. Next, you will discover the best two ways to use some of your garden fresh vegetables that you grow in your garden to benefit you and increase your level of health. Finally, John will interview Cecilia, the gardener and ask her why she started to garden, how gardening has helped her to become healthier as well as her tips on gardening. After watching this episode, you will empowered to grow a vegetable garden at your condominium, apartment, townhouse or other small space. Referenced videos: How to Make a Pallet Garden How to Grow a Patio Apartment Garden: Toter Continuous Garbage Can Style Composter Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more videos like this: Follow John on Instagram at: Related PostsTop 5 Best Vegetables Easy To Grow In Your Vegetable GardenTerrace Garden Harvest / grow your food /ఇవాళ కోసిన కూరగాయలు #vegetable gardening #madgardenerWhat to Sow in August 2020 | Easy to Grow Food | Self-sufficient Vegetable Garden.Grow Color in you Vegetable Garden – Growing Zinnia and MarigoldVegetable Garden – How To […]

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  • TurtleColonel 4 years ago

    She looks great for 73!!

  • Twowheeler 1 4 years ago

    Strange that they don't eat it. However I had the same problem with my Grandmother. I think she felt it was dirty because I make my own compost and she saw me harvest the food so, she know's it came from my garden. Im not sure because I did not push the issue however its my need to understand that brought me to this conclusion.

  • Yvonne Vincens 4 years ago

    great tips thanks

  • Hungry bin 4 years ago

    Hello from NZ John! What an excellent clip, and an absolutely inspirational garden! Cecilia, you have a beautiful garden. Thanks for the great description of the hungry bin, we're very glad to hear that you're envious of it! Cheers, Ben.

  • Melissa RMT 4 years ago

    Thank you for this video, John! Growing food on an apartment patio has it's own challenges.

  • Barbara Loveless 4 years ago

    Love her ❤️ thank you John for sharing your knowledge & experience with us!

  • Living With Kidney Disease IngaLovesLife 4 years ago

    Can't wait to start our garden this year.  Will be shopping for fruits and veggies in my backyard. Learn a lot from you. Thanks

  • kakumah 4 years ago

    I love that lady :)

  • Rawchelle 4 years ago

    Aww! I love Cecilia! Was so fun to meet her at WFF Hawaii last year. She's definitely an inspiration!

  • Vegan Nurse Practitioner 4 years ago

    55 or older…Senior? egads, I'm 58, wellllll, that explains alot!!!
    haha, well, AARP does have the best deal on car insurance hands down, joined that at 50… ok, I'll get back to garden talk, lol

  • Vegan Nurse Practitioner 4 years ago

    the problem I have when I give too much food to the wormies, maybe Not a problem :), but they then reproduce like crazy, extra food means extra sex! haha, so instead of a 'worm bin', she would have a 'sex bin', ar ar ar. I don't really make my worms 'work' to eat it, I do blend and dump, so I get more worm poop faster for my raised bins

  • Nicko The Greek T 4 years ago

    Oh boy she's hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • dace villen 4 years ago

    can any one help me out?  I mixed some soil up and added blood, bone meal, rock dust, worm castings, cotton meal, alfalfa meal  add lime to bring ph up got it a 6.7ph,   three weeks later I checked the ph and it drop down to 5.5.. I adjusted it again to about 6.5 and it drop bellow 6 about two week after that. adjusted it again  and it's seams ok now. why is it so hard to get the ph to stabilize.. thanks

  • the0prynce 4 years ago

    Cecelia is awesome and such an inspiration! Nice video!

  • SugaTree Gardens 4 years ago

    Love the City Picker planters they are perfect for small spaces. I put them on top of crates to raise them up off the ground for easy reach

  • Earthing Rocks 4 years ago

    If you live in LA there is no way you can use copper in your garden! Those metal scrapers will smell that a mile away. They also love cutting wires from old TVs that are put on the curb. Thus, wasting the whole TV because most people don't know how to change the cord. lol

  • Marilyn Rich 4 years ago

    Backasswords lol

  • MoganaLeFe 4 years ago

    Have you Grown Turmeric before? How did that work out for you? And on the container composter Couldn't you just take the container before you put in any compost, and cut the front and back panels out of the container, then replace it with Screen, Nylon Screen and then put your start up of compost in the container?  Wouldn't that work for getting more oxygen into the compost?