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Order “Grow a Living Wall” here – This video shows Shawna Coronado demonstrating how a basic organic living wall garden is assembled. She demonstrates 5 super-easy ingredients for vertical garden success and shows examples of all kinds of living wall gardens. “Grow a Living Wall” is Shawna’s latest book which is currently up for pre-order in online bookstores everywhere with the book being available directly in early 2015. This book trailer video is meant to promote the book, but also to demonstrate the living wall conceptual idea. To learn more about Shawna and catch up on some of her organic culinary, green living, and natural gardening tips, just go to her website – Music in this video was created by Mark Misch – he gave me full permission and rights to use this music with credit – Filming was done by Shawna Coronado and Jason Henricksen – special thanks to Jason – your sky high shots are brilliant! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsHow To Grow a Living Wall Garden with Shawna CoronadoLiving Walls Video TrailerPlants Vs Zombies All Stars Trailer : Great Wall Gargantuar Battle With New PlantsHow to Plant a Living Wall Garden on a FenceHow To Make a Living Wall Garden Out of Cone Planters

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