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What does it mean to grow vegetables organically? So many of us gardeners want to be as orgaic and as natural as possible when gorwing our produce. Thats w hy we garden right? however there is a little trepidation when it comes to diving all in iwth organic gardneing. We get scared of it being over taken by pests! We dont know how we wil handle the weeds! and what about fertilzing? No more miracle grow? Even the right seeds to purchase? Does it matter? Yes it all matters ..but it isnt as difficult and as scary as one thinks. Starry has been organic gardening on here off grid homestead for many years. Her produce is rich and abundant and 100% organic! There are several things she does to implement a garden that continues to give back to her! simple steps that often gardeners overlook or just dont understand that they can indeed work! Starry keeps it simple, and she keeps it real! join her and learn how simple organic gardening is and how you can start one today!!! Video Rating: / 5 In today’s video we did a collab with CaliKim29 where she shares her 5 tips for growing your own vegetable garden. Check out her youtube channel at Follow us Here: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: Send Mail To – 580 S Oregon St, Ontario, Oregon 97914 Gear we use: Canon 70D – Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 – Canon 50mm 1.8 – Rode Mic Pro – Sennheiser EW 112P – H4N Recorder – Manfrotto Tripod – Manfrotto Monopod – iFootage Shark Slider S1 – DJI Phantom 3 Pro Drone – Glidecam HD2000 – Macbook Pro 13 – Related PostsBack To Eden Organic Gardening […]

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  • Paul Pritchard 1 year ago

    Dear Starry, I have been watching your channel for some time now, I have watched every U-Tube U have made and watched them 10 times each and have learned from them every time I watch them. Susan and I put together a box garden 8' X 16' using Cow pup, rotted hay, rotted and new wood chips from a local saw mil. I did place 2 X 4s at each end and ram heavy green twine across the top and hook Deer mesh around the garden to keep birds and Deer out. This project began July 1. Here in Georgia this summer it was 90 to 104 most days the hottest summer ever and broke the original record from 1845. We planted everything in it and watered the gardan every night for 6 weeks. In August we started harvesting food and the garden is producing more than the local gardans and they are 2 to 4 acers. Thank U for teaching us this back to eaden, no til maintance free garden.  Paul & Susan North Georgia

  • Kerrie Grant 1 year ago


  • Mahmud Adeniyi 1 year ago

    you want to teach life but you putting attire of death, i find it disturbing to show my student this video clip

  • charles nokes 1 year ago

    Hellllo starry…nice garden. Very beautiful…you I mean..

  • Anna Hannah 1 year ago

    wow your so buatiful how can… wow can i add you?

  • Homegrown GA Green 1 year ago

    Starry is going to need our help, she has been in a bad accident.  Details are

    A GoFundMe page was started on her behalf. Even $1 would go a long way to help her
    during this crisis in her and her family's life. I created an email address that
    I will share with Starry and her family, they will receive 100% of the proceeds
    by using this address. I have listed the address at the hospital where you can
    send cards or care packages on the GoFundMe page if you prefer send something
    through the mail, just so everything is in one central location. Starry has a
    daytime job as a nurse and needs our support to help with bills and running her
    homestead while she is recovering. As you all know she also contributes
    immensely to her homestead's upkeep and her contribution will be missed. If
    everyone donates only $1 it will go a long way to help her keep things running.

    If you can't donate but still want to help, here is a poster you can
    print and share:

    Here is
    a link to an update video she posted yesterday:

    Thank you for anything you can do to help.

  • Sonia 1 year ago

    Love the organic garden! I'm concerned about the chemicals leeching from old tires though, care to comment?

  • Yoram Stein 1 year ago

    I love your way of life. A lesson in filming: If you move the camera too much it causes the viewer headache. Best is to move it slowly. Think always what the viewer will get to see. Ans before uploading please watch it yourself.

  • George George 1 year ago

    Beautiful scenery, articulate talk, and a beautiful person. You look sexy even though you're probably my mom's age. I guess being close to nature might contribute to it.

  • Sandra Citelly 1 year ago

    I like everything you sat but i live on the desert is more difficult to get any plant like food for me to grow,the summer is to hot and i real to try same became good but my tomatoes plants not to good ,maybe bad seeds ..but last year was good. any way over hear is to hot….maybe 7 months per year …for sure ..!! i have same production but i will like more.

  • moneymagnetelizabeth 1 year ago

    How do you start your own organic seed bank from veggies grown?

  • Pat Schomann 1 year ago

    We went by a saw mill yesterday and saw all those wood chips and I thought about Back to Eden gardening that you talk about Starry! Well that is a start. Never had heard about it until I started watching your videos. Love the idea!

  • velodaman 1 year ago

    Starry, Have you thought about growing grapes? Mine are 2 years into the plan and next year I should have grapes which means juice and raisins hopefully. Also, do you have slugs in your area or is your elevation too high. Or perhaps that is what the PBR is for. :)

  • Fiachaa 1 year ago

    I think you are a wonderful human being. I love your videos and wanted to thank you.

  • stevah dabevah 1 year ago

    I want you. OK guess I will watch….

  • jonah kohlmeyer 1 year ago

    U really do need to verify the validity of the USDA seal, a lot of companies that sell these seeds can put the seal in different colors or in a slightly design to just have the seal on their seeds without having them be truly organic
    Just a friendly PSA :)

  • Julia Bradley 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing the back to Eden method. It saved my garden during a severe drought when I was on vacation and my house sitter was unable to tend to it due to a family emergency.

  • Huffster 1 year ago

    I heard you mention the differences between organic and hybrid and I think you meant between organic and non-organic. Any plant can be grown organically. There is a big difference between heirloom and hybrid, especially if you save seeds. Heirlooms will give you true seed and next generation plants where hybrids may or may not. Keep up the great work! ; )>

  • SwedishCountryLiving 1 year ago

    We have a lot of mice and snakes in the garden. Does the Back to Eden method help with those too? The mice constantly plow through just planted rows and cause a lot of damage. Also because of the grass we have all over we always need to watch out for snakes. Have you or anybody ever seen snakes launching on the wood chips? Do the mice go though the wood chips?

    I would like to give the Back to Eden method a try but would like to know if it would help with the mice and snakes.

  • DATSUN 260Z 1 year ago

    Have her show you the DUMP she calls a front yard..

  • Truth 2027 1 year ago

    Nice collab! Looking forward to growing veggies in the spring. Subbed CaliKim.

  • Humfy B 1 year ago

    What a bunch of helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Angela Backer 1 year ago

    those raised beds need alot of soil – not cheap

  • Dave P. 1 year ago

    any tips on managing bugs without chemicals? thats one thing that stops me from growing edibles

  • Madeline Marrero 1 year ago

    She's great i have her subscribed for a while now love her videos.

  • T Miller 1 year ago

    Really great tips I can't wait to incorporate. I love your hair Kim!

  • Tropical Sea Sponges 1 year ago

    Awesome!!! I love backyard food garden videos! I just got into Permaculture!

  • Lucifette 1 year ago

    i will definitely sub to her channel. i need that instant raised bed. i will get one next year for sure.

  • Susan Apirl 1 year ago

    fruits too? :>

  • Desert Plants of Avalon 1 year ago

    It will be so cool to grow your own vegetables and definitely something I want to do in the future 🙂 thanks so much for sharing Laura and CaliKim29 and sending you both lots of love and happy growing from Ireland XXXX<3

  • gypsyvanneraddict 1 year ago

    Yeah my two favorite garden gurus unite!

  • joelyboyblue 1 year ago

    Peat pellets are retarded

  • Pam Jones 1 year ago

    Excellent gardening tips. Helps immensely. I love your videos. Calikim29. It will be an exciting time next year for you Laura to start an organic garden. I hope you take us on your journey. Thank you for sharing such wonderful things.

  • Laura Rob 1 year ago