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We grew beans in a jar! Its a fun easy science experiment that your kids will love! Don’t forget to subscribe In case you notice, this video is late due to an accident where I badly injured my finger! I am doing well! ABOUT ME: I am a mom living in Switzerland. I document my parenting journey, our trilingualism challenge, easy (italian) recipes and some travels within Europe. ————————- LET’S CONNECT: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTREST: Blog about my life: Blog on simple recipes: Spring.Me :!/user/sarabiomammy ———————- RESOURCES: MUSIC: The Creek From the YouTube Audio Library English for Kids – Sid the Science Kid – Inglês para crianças – English for children Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFun Science Experiments For Kids – Growing a Bean PlantPlant Parts and Functions | First and Second Grade Science Lesson For KidsPlant Parts and Their Function | Science Video for KidsPlants Grow From Seeds | Germination | Science For Kids | Grade 1 | PeriwinkleMarijuana Garden Science- Plant Size and the Hydroponic System by The Grow BossMr Bean Funny Cartoons For Kids ᴴᴰ Best Full Episodes! New Funny Collection 2016 #3

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  • Steve Villarruel 1 year ago

    wow so easy!

  • flower tune 1 year ago

    do you have to use cotton or can you use any thing else

  • JaxVids 1 year ago

    What kind of bean?

  • Caras Life on the Farm 1 year ago

    I did this experiment when I was a little girl!!

  • MayandJC 1 year ago

    Great experiment. I remember doing this experiment when I was in elementary. I forgot how big it grew though. How long did it take to grow and have leaves?

  • LadybugGirlShow 1 year ago

    Very cool.  It is so important to teach our kids how to grow food!  Good job.

  • the Klumpenkind 1 year ago

    Interesting & Fantastic Video !!!
    Thumbs up

  • Harm0nicCha0s 1 year ago

    It hurts.

  • Trevor Brighton 1 year ago

    this kid in on some next level shit

  • Rosalio Esteban 1 year ago

    sid run like he's on weed

  • Jake Parkin 1 year ago

    boring next step who is did ( reply to comment

  • AidanMcPlayz 1 year ago

    That was the scariest thing I've ever seen…

  • Yousif Solaqa 1 year ago

    No one likes you sid the science kid

  • Jack Frost Ice 1 year ago

    Sid runs like slow poke and like a bitch

  • Jack Frost Ice 1 year ago

    He is just a show of he thinks he noes all about scinece his a punk his nothing

  • Jack Frost Ice 1 year ago

    Yeah and it make me want to kill that forking Sid the pooping bitch

  • Brenda Melendez 1 year ago

    Nice show

  • AG&G - 1 year ago

    "Hey you know what I like!…… DIRT!" Who is 17 and watching this

  • poop master 1 year ago

    such a great anime

  • Rene Mohabir 1 year ago

    The joke was not funny……….

  • zombieman gaming 1 year ago

    its funny how the class room is big and there's only 4 kids

  • Latonya Prince 1 year ago


  • Ricky Baldan 1 year ago

    and 6:03 is may on fucking drugs?

  • Ricky Baldan 1 year ago

    Now let's research the orange and pink retards.

  • Xx_2good4u_xX 1 year ago

    The mlg version is better

  • NumbarOne 1 year ago

    Glad that I live in Finland. No need to watch this bullcrap.