How to Get Rid Of Weeds in Flower Beds | Gardening Tips for Homeowners and Landscapers | Tutorial

Garden Bed Maintenance tips for overgrown garden beds and pulling weeds. if you’re a homeowner or a gardener or a landscaper and you need help with your landscaping. here’s some tips.

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Landscaping Business Prices and Underquoting Jobs | OUCH !

Scheduling Landscaping Jobs and Telling Customers NO.

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OKATSUNE hedge shears funny landscaping video by Keith Kalfas. I love these steel blade scissors. I’ve had them for years and they never let me down.

Okatsune ! Hedge Shears
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How to Trim Topiary Shrubs + Landscaping Business Chat (Episode#13)

Razor Sharp Okastune Video


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Trimmining Topiary Spirals in Shrubs are
A Fun Money Maker.

I recommend doing them by hand with hand shears.
Takes about 15min. Per shrub @ e.

Takes some practice… look up Topiary Shrub Trimming Competition on YouTube..

It’s really cool.

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The Landscaping Employee Trap


The Landscaping Employee Trap

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How to Get Rid Of Weeds in Flower Beds | Gardening Tips for Homeowners and Landscapers | Tutorial

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  • Cashen

    I have the Fiskars stay sharp loppers similar to yours I use when doing hedge trimming or cleaning up garden beds etc like you said. Works great

  • RB the Garden Nanny, LLC

    What's your thoughts on long pants and shirts in the summer as a landscaper? I'm a master gardener and I worked with someone who is not who does the fine tooth hand pulling of weeds with the mindset that if you pull them by the roots they won't come back. Lot of clients don't want to pay for that time — and actually when we come back later — the weeds are always back! There's a time and place for that but I'm with you — weedwacker baby!!! I like how you cut the Hostas back. Very nice.

  • James Michalek

    Im envious of the weeds you deal with! :O They look easy to pull out! In perth Australia we get lots and lots of broadleaved ground cover weeds , grasses and onion weeds with deep bulbs you need to get on your hands and knees and use a hand fork. People would expect pay $30-$45/h (that may sound a lot, our wages are higher the basic worker gets $25/h so for a small business its not much IMO) I charged a property about $850 to just do weeding I wonder what he thought he seemed okay but said another contractor was coming to do a quote. it was about 120m^2 of garden so thats about $7/m^2. Does that sound reasonable with you guys it was quite infested and whats worse he had little rocks as mulch so its way harder to pull them out! I really dont mind if I dont get the job to be honest but I also thought it was a expensive to just weed I wouldn't expect people to pay that but I wouldnt do it for less either! Its tiring work and your right Keith you have to enjoy it!

  • David Escalante

    Thank you for the tips. My goal is to make the customers property look real good. With these tips I don't have to shy away from them. Your books and programs rock.

  • aj12271

    Using a pre-emergent granular herbicide like Snapshot or Freehand is a tremendous help in preventing many different weeds & weed grasses from germinating in landscape beds. Hand pulling weeds sucks balls.

  • west landscaping

    bro this might sound silly to you but where im from its never a good idea to blindly put your bare hands in an over grown garden bed that has snake bite written all over it

  • Ben Boyko

    Send that commercial client a detailed quote through jobber with the proper pricing. Maybe they hire you and don't remember, if they do remember, the'll get the message.

  • Seth Rambo

    Licensed horticulturist: I can name 50 different plants and identity 4 different subspecies of Berberis

    Picture this: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

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