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Related: How To: Choose a New Roof for Your House: Quick Tip: Roof Repair or Replacement: Bob walks the I’On neighborhood, which is built around myriad architectural styles and designs. He remarks on some of these variations, before returning to the project house site, where the roof framing is underway. Bryan Readling (from the APA) joins to review the products being used on the roof, including Peel & Seal tape, a joint sealer, and LP TechShield, a reflective sheathing product. Back on the ground, construction consultant Steve Easley demonstrates how to install Tyvek wrap around the house. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Put Up a New Roof – Garage and Boat Storage – Bob Vila eps.1608Applying Asphalt Roof Shingles – Bob VilaSpaceworkers curves concrete roof and glass walls for Cabo de Vila in Portugal byHome garden climbing frame ideasHow to build a Reciprocal Frame Roof – with Tony Wrench: Living in the Future (Ecovillages) 43HOME DESIGNED WITH LANDSCAPE ROOF IN COLORADO

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  • Mark Frerichs 1 year ago

    We used to call guys "Vila" when they fuct up on the job site!! hehe "Hey Vila…WTF?"

  • Vladimyr Nikonov 1 year ago

    Why a veneer is not waterproof?

  • Brent Thompson 1 year ago

    Bob always a dick, would love to see the outtakes, bet he treated people like dogs

  • Kyle Jordan 1 year ago

    to close

  • BARATEX CO.,LTD 1 year ago

    very nice!

  • charlie brown 1 year ago

    please don't hurt me

  • charlie brown 1 year ago

    people are trying to hurt me please help me

  • charlie brown 1 year ago

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  • charlie brown 1 year ago

    they will be a curse if you don't help me seriously

  • charlie brown 1 year ago

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  • Alex Walters 1 year ago

    I find it shocking that as late as 2000, contractors were swinging hammers to do framing, especially on a rush job.  It is my understanding that even as far back as the 70's, pneumatic nailers paid for themselves on their first job from the time savings.

  • Allied 4 Life 1 year ago

    Funny how bob acts like hes a building inspector when in reality he was a fake all along never had any background in construction lol

  • Holychosen Nationrobber 1 year ago

    no one gives a fuck about you bob vila, you're a gay cunt.
    show the building and get your fucked up muppet face off the fucking tv.

  • Q Construction, LLC 1 year ago

    Mr Vila is such a great inspiration to all those whom work at the construction sector

  • Matthew Snart 1 year ago

    Christ, Bob! Take a breath!! 

  • Pasadenacol Col 1 year ago

    Excellent work. No helmet, no gloves, very good job.

  • Victor Keshelya 1 year ago

    health and safety non existent lol

  • N Kel 1 year ago

    cladding is what? the siding or sheathing, house wrap?

  • Andrew McLaughlin 1 year ago

    Whereʻs the hard hats?!?!

  • HeroesGetKilled 1 year ago

    Thank you for this! :)