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Have you ever heard of the “final flush”? Well in this video Matt will explain the flushing process for both hydroponic and soil plants. The benefits from flushing your plants include better flavor, aroma, taste and can even help increase yield. Who wouldn’t want that? Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Plants Without Soil: Hydroponic GardeningTaking Plants from Soil to Hydroponic (DWC) for OverwinteringTransplanting Hydroponic Plants Into SoilCan plants grow without soil? What is Hydroponics? ExplainedTroubleshooting Plant Deficiencies in Hydroponic and Soil MediumsHydroponic marijuana vs soil growth

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  • scorpionkings 1 year ago

    As someone that's new to growing, when you talk about flushing, you're talking about only giving your plants water and with holding any nutrients feedings?!

  • Freedom Smoker 1 year ago

    just sub . man i wish i had just 1 of those products. . next time