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Green roofs are increasing in popularity to the number of benefits they bring, especially in city areas. With the increase in extreme weather patterns, green roofs offer an environmentally friendly way of protecting buildings. They can help offer a home for wildlife to city living and reduce the amount of dull grey concrete when you look out your window. This guide shows you how you can green up your shed with a green roof in just one day! This green roof was supplied by All explained by Garden Ninja, Manchesters Garden Designer and blogger Lee Burkhill. He’s an RHS winning garden designer and expert panellist on BBC Radio Manchester’s Saturday morning garden phone in. Why not subscribe to my youtube channel? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Green roofs are incredibly versatile and beneficial to any garden. This guide on how to fit a green roof guide will show you how easy it is to green up your back garden shed. What has caused the increasing popularity of green roofs though? Green roofs can slow down the flow of torrential downpours, enabling sewers to cope better. They also are super drought tolerant whilst keeping temperatures inside the building cooler. They can encourage wildlife to your garden and reduce the grey landscape of man made structures. They also increase the lifespan of your roof by reducing UV damage and reducing extreme in temperatures. There really is no drawback to a green roof. Let’s start by having a look at one of the most common forms of a green roof. The sedum green roof. WHAT IS A SEDUM ROOF? A sedum room is an area of roof that’s been prepared to house a layer of substrate and then a matt or blanket of sedum. Sedum is incredibly resilient and low […]


Green Roofs


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  • Thanks for the advice – if you wanted to do a wildflower style green roof, would the substrate need to be modified?

  • Hiled Jenus 2 weeks ago

    This book has an abundance of helpful information for the novice carpenter [ Check Details Here⇒> ]. Lots of good building designs also.

  • Princess Consuela 2 weeks ago

    Another great video from Garden Ninja. Really like the clarity of these videos, especially the clarity of the written instructions to support the verbal. Makes it very accessible for all users. Thanks Garden Ninja!