Added by on 2017-04-24 In this video ( how to felt a shed part 2 ) we will be looking at how to fit felt to a shed roof, and just like clothes maketh the man, felt maketh the shed. Here we will be installing a high performance roofing felt to the freshly stripped shed roof from Part 1, and this sort of roof should give you a comfortable 20 Years of life, it could be a lot more. Part 1 stripping old shed felt : The roofing materials used in this project are exactly like the ones I use and can be found in detail on the website or purchased through an affiliate link for those who want to. You can also use this with a log cabin – summer house or gazebo I hope this proves useful. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to felt a shed roofHow to Fix Shed Felt to Your Shed RoofHow to Build a Shed – How To Install Asphalt Roofing Shingles on a Shed – Video 13 of 15Torch On Felt RoofingHow to re-roof a shed with Onduline corrugated roofing sheetsHow to Fix Roofing Shingles to Your Shed

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  • Tony Evans 1 year ago

    I just did a large shed – roof area over 2m x 3.8m each side. It was also a steep angle on a ply base. I found it extremely difficult working on my own. I've since found your instruction to fit vertical pieces but while fearing for my own demise I decided this was a case for corrugated roofing. Have you had experience with stuff like Onduline or Coroline and can you give any advice?

  • tsu3000 1 year ago

    Great video – thanks. It would be good if you did something similar for a much bigger workshop type shed.

  • Sai Harris 1 year ago

    superb! thank you

  • Anthony Brooks 1 year ago

    Excellent – straightforward, easy to follow many thanks

  • Terry662266 1 year ago

    How can this be 300-400% cheaper than a fiberglass alternative?
    If the fiberglass option is £100 and this cost £75 it’s 25% cheaper.
    If this cost £20 it would be 80% cheaper
    If it was FREE it would be 100% cheaper.
    The only way for it to be 300% cheaper is if the shop gives you £200 for buying this free product.
    Please tell me where this shop is as I’ve got lots of stuff to buy 😉

  • Akhil Varghese 1 year ago

    hi @fixmyroof,

    i couldn't find this cap sheet so bought some iko super shed felt that apparently lasts 15 years. 2 rolls for £50. i tried to source the ones in the video but can't find any. do you think the super shed felt is good enough ? its green mineral and doesn't have the black overlapping, covered fully in mineral.


  • Paintbrush 1962 1 year ago

    Why bother with fibreglass if this stuff lasts 20 years?

  • Vaughan Roberts 1 year ago

    Thanks, really helpful, professionally explained, the voice, tone, explanations, demonstration just right. I am off to my son's to felt a shed roof and with your guidance I will do a better job than last time. I have subscribed. thanks,

  • Marc 1 year ago

    Where can you find the felt used in this video? Your website links to Amazon, but that felt is not listed and I can't seem to find it even after a google search.

  • makolic1 1 year ago

    Hi , Are you using torch on roofing felt ( cap sheet ) . How much is a roll and where do you buy it from . What do you recommend Thank You .

  • makolic1 1 year ago

    What is this felt called and where do you buy it ? Thanks

  • makolic1 1 year ago

    Where do you buy this felt ? cheers

  • Martin 1 year ago

    Your link to roofing felt on Amazon is a bit ambiguous, could you clarify please?

  • technocabin 1 year ago

    This is old school, like when I was a kid. Don't see it much anymore. A nice simple roof. Really nice! Thank you.

  • Daniel Hanney 1 year ago

    Good clear precise instructions,covering every detail. Its more videos of this quality that I want to see on Youtube, as some videos can be a real turn off.. Thanks for showing me how to do it right, and the tip for the using top grade felt, I can't wait to get out there and start the job!!

  • Tony Evans 1 year ago

    I don't normally comment on these videos but I have to say I think your instructions are excellent.  Many thanks.

  • Martin Aaron 1 year ago

    Fantastic vid. Thank you. My shed roof is a pent roof. How should I do the highest edge of the felt? Just leave 50mm, like at the back and sides?

  • Bob Longhurst 1 year ago

    Many thanks for a great tutorial. I now know what grade of felt to buy, and how to strip off the old felt etc. Luckily I'm not hung like a Stallion so no worries when cutting the felt.

  • paytontech 1 year ago

    Nice and simple roof! I'm not sure they sell felt that good in the U.S. I've only seen poor quality felt like that. If you go over that with an elastomeric coating, it'll last that much longer…

  • Susan Kelly 1 year ago

    Love it, trailing limbs and reproductive organs! lol!! Seriously, a great help, thank you.