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How can you grow plant indoors? And why is it important for the future of the planet? Subscribe: All the best Earth Lab videos Best of BBC Earth videos The Doctors Are In The House Best Of Earth Unplugged Videos Bang Goes The Theory Series 7 With family-relevant stories, spectacular stunts and competitive team challenges, the series is hosted by a gang of presenters who are passionate about science and happy to share their knowledge, banter and experiments. Welcome to BBC Earth Lab! Here we answer all your curious questions about science in the world around you. If there’s a question that we haven’t yet answered let us know in the comments on any of our videos and it could be answered by our Earth Lab experts. Want to share your views with the team behind BBC Earth and win prizes? Join our fan panel here: This is a channel from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.Service information and feedback:–contact-details.aspx Related Postscnn – vertical farming – a farm on every rooftop – earth 2100When You Can Farm Indoors, Who Needs Sunlight Or Soil?Rats Save Humans From Landmines | Extraordinary Animals | Series 2 | EarthGiant Rats Can Detect Tuberculosis! | Extraordinary Animals | Series 2 | EarthVertical Geothermal Earth Tube (Part 2) – Greenhouse Heating/CoolingVertiCrop Vertical Farming. Good for you. Good for our earth.

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  • Robert Kielty 5 months ago

    3.03 Liz, shut that door behind ya!

  • PedophileOstrich 5 months ago

    maralise legaljuana

  • crabshank3 5 months ago

    0:15 that's a eureka moment.

  • Kami Sou 5 months ago

    at first sight the idea is quiet differnt and new but i don't really get its use . why would i waste that much of artificial energy while i can get a natural one freely ?

  • Julianos entheus 5 months ago

    Stupid Humans, how blasphemous you are, and how tragic your Hubris, can't you mortals understand, that you are.. nothing.. without the Gods?…

    Hail APOLLON the Very life giving light of the Sun, the Mighty son, and the very right eye of the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, God of Gods… Infinity itself… ZEUS, DEUS, DIOS!!!

  • Nitna1 YT 5 months ago

    Those involved in let's say 'alternative farming' have been using red blue LED grow lights in their hydroponics systems for over 10 years. Also NASA studies have shown green light does increase the vigour of the plant growth

  • Qikun Xiang 5 months ago

    why does the host always have to sound so dumb? why LED but not regular light bulbs? BECAUSE THEY ARE MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT!

  • David Jameson 5 months ago

    You just know that with planting trays that densely packed, they're using chemically-enhanced soil rather than the natural stuff your everyday homeowner would have.

  • Zanzubaa1 5 months ago

    You can imagine how useful this will be once they develop a cheaper, greener method of generating huge amounts of renewable energy. For example you could create complexes in the antarctic, drop a fusion reactor in there and create all the food and heat you wanted.

  • Lawrence Parkes 5 months ago

    What colour do I use to increase the THC levels in my plants?

  • Jonathan Geier 5 months ago

    LEDs are 70% + more efficient than incandesce and bulbs. Idk why she would say 30 % .

  • Alejandro Y Sus Amigos 5 months ago


  • Nerion, Espy Of Wolves 5 months ago

    also when you transition this black vegetation into the sun again will it harm the black vegetation due to its different growth components? it didn't grow that way so it can't adapt into the suns exposures

  • Nerion, Espy Of Wolves 5 months ago

    can you eat black vegetation in this form without green? how safe is this for humans?

  • HootMaRoot 5 months ago

    How old is this video as LED growing is now fairly common practice now

  • Nerion, Espy Of Wolves 5 months ago

    so chlorophyll isnt what makes it green?

  • svsguru2000 5 months ago

    Can't wait for the RGB greenhouses.

  • Jerry Hasselson 5 months ago

    For a brief second I thought this was LEAD

  • Noah Nobody 5 months ago

    Green light is considered the least efficient wavelength in the visible spectrum for photosynthesis, but it is still useful in photosynthesis and regulates plant architecture.