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Want a list of step by step instructions on how we made this wall? Click this link! Have you ever wanted to learn how to DIY your own living wall? If you’re as busy as we are, you might not have the time to water and feed it every day — not to worry, we have the lowest maintenance living wall known to man! We used astroturf and made it look AMAZING! Welcome to our BRAND NEW series on this fun and useful channel! Every week Greyson Darrow and Sharrah Robeson will bring you a variety of how-to content such as Sketch-Up tutorials and creative DIY’s for Girls and Guys! Come back every Wednesday to learn how to DIY something fabulous. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to design your room in 3-D, learn how to DIY a wood wall, or even know how to create your own fun and fresh holiday decor, Robeson Design Studios is your one stop shop for the gen-Y, DIY obsessed person! As always, thanks for watching! Subscribe to Robeson Design:… Subscribe to Robeson Design Studios:… INSTAGRAM:… INSTAGRAM:… INSTAGRAM:… Sharrah’s Fashion Blog: Facebook:… HOUZZ:… Produced and Edited by: Dorian Tucker Videography by Matthew Moran All music is royalty free by Premium Beats and exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson Dennis’ 7 Dees container design specialist & merchandiser walks us through how to create a living wall. These are easy to use, modular planters. Pick your favorite combination of plants for sun or shade and simply plant up the individual pockets. Succulents are a great choice for beginners because there are oodles of plant options and they require relatively little care & maintenance. Mounting your planter is easy! Each unit can be hung separately or […]

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  • shoppingfiesta 2 years ago

    Grayson could also have his own channel.?

  • Juan Camilo Mayorga Baham 2 years ago

    THANKS!! BUT why not another DIY of how you make that beautifull golden letters ??

  • Carmen 2 years ago

    where did you purchase the astroturf? I can't find one as good as this one?

  • Carmen 2 years ago

    Hi, I just had a question about where you guys purchased the astroturf??

  • Johnny Chimpo 2 years ago


  • realbadbav 2 years ago

    So it's not a living wall lol.?

  • Joel Silvaraci 2 years ago

    nice job?

  • Bryan Laygond 2 years ago

    Hello 😀
    Where did you get those letters "DESIGN" ?
    Thank You!?

  • Dmitry Samokhin 2 years ago

    Just take off fucking switches and shit off the wall, install that carpet and cut the holes on the wall. Much easier and ironically better end result…?

  • Adaiane Silva 2 years ago

    You guys are awesome! I love this channel :)?

  • Annika Lewis 2 years ago

    Is it just me or in House Of Anubis Mara has those gold letters on her wall saing dream
    ( I think)?

  • KillaPhi2k11 2 years ago

    Where did you get the big letters to spell out "design" from??

  • Rakhi Khatana 2 years ago

    Ohsum Idea….clap clap clap..
    just want to know , did u hang the grass with cardboard ????

  • Winda25 2 years ago

    Grayson's hot..

  • sallianne piltz 2 years ago

    ? ?

  • Evert van Ingen 2 years ago

    Reindeer Moss walls are better :D?

  • Appelero 6 2 years ago

    where's makeover mondays?

  • Hailey Shun 2 years ago

    wow, the wall looks so fresh now, and it will never wither lol.. good work Greyson!?

  • bilum 2 years ago

    not exactly a "living" wall though is it??

  • Cecil O. Almonte 2 years ago

    Faux Living Wall?

  • Kim Kanwischer 2 years ago

    Where would I source those modular planter boxes in Canada? ?

  • Wayne Woodmansee 2 years ago

    Thank you I love this concept… I have an arbor that this would be perfect hanging on…
    I'm in Seaside so I'll make a trip out to our local 7 Dees…