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Raise your hand if you own a succulent or two. Or seven. I have a budding (pun intended!) succulent garden and have been in need of a way to put them on display without sacrificing precious and limited counter space. This simple DIY ladder is the perfect way to hang as many or as few as you like! Not to mention its cool throwback to the 90’s! Hope everyone likes it and welcome all comments. Subscribe to my channel to see my new videos Via: Subscribe Now: Watch More: Hanging air fern vases is something you can do in a number of great and unusual ways depending on your preferences. Find out more about hanging air fern vases with help from a resident expert in anything botanical in this free video clip. Expert: Chuck Dorr Filmmaker: Jiah Lim Series Description: There are few better ways to satisfy yourself mentally, physically and even creatively than with a nice garden to call your own. Get tips on succulents and more with help from a resident expert in anything botanical in this free video series. Related PostsJardim Suspenso com Suculentas Para Pequeno Espaço (Hanging garden with succulents for small space)Kleine Hanging Garden SucculentsGeometric Hanging Succulents | Shelf Decor OR Hanging Garden?!E.D On Air Set of 3 Hanging Glass Succulents by Ellen DeGeneres with Carolyn GracieDIY: Hanging glass terrarium using succulents | Blush & Batting BlogCreate a Hanging Basket of Succulents

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  • EverythingOnTime 1 year ago

    I love it!

  • sherry a 1 year ago

    Should I start strippin now or later lol

  • Dana Jean 1 year ago

    This is so fun! I also make DIYs on my channel and would love if you checked them out!

  • Tia McKa 1 year ago

    I like him!☺️

  • chloeodelette 1 year ago

    Do you need to soak the plant before you hang it? I ordered a kit for as a gift and it said to spray the plant once a week – and that's all, no soaking. But it doesn't look like that would be enough. Plant and moss are crunchy.