Direct seeding into cover crop stubble and roots can be a challenge. I am using the Double Disc Opening Shoe from https:/// on my JP1 to seed into my no-till garden.

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How to Direct Seed into a No-Till Garden

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  • NoPeeking

    It slices! It dices! It makes julienne fries! It's the Veg-O-Matic garden version! Ron Popeil would be proud. This was great, Diego.

  • Don Duncan

    Two side observations: 1. "Organic" butter is suspect as the word "organic" doesn't guarantee a healthy product. You want "pastured" dairy, i.e., from cows that ate ONLY grass. 2. Do you want someone to "cut" your butter with salt when you are paying by weight? No. Salt is very cheap. It's too tempting to increase profit by over adulteration. What is the correct amount? It varies with each person, so no one knows. You can always add salt for your taste, just as you can sweeten to taste, but you can't remove too much salt. Don't buy butter and pay for salt of dubious quality.

  • Aleïster Owley

    Thanks my man I needed that! Really grateful for this one, as I'm following the path of Jean-Martin Fortier.

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