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Video Rating: / 5 Come check out my 82 year old Grandfather’s Vegetable Garden and see how he grows a very successful garden every year! Follow us as we tour what all he has growing as well as harvesting a few onions, turnip greens, & potatoes. Music: Cowboy Stings by Kevin MacLeod at Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Related PostsYardening With Jeff Ball: How To Design And Build A Vegetable GardenHow to Build a Self-Watering Vegetable Garden | Ask This Old House40 Best DIY Design Ideas for a Vegetable Garden | diy gardenHow to build a vegetable garden from lawn in three daysHow to Build A Sunken Container Vegetable Garden: All the Steps – Save Resource, Money & Grow More!Thai Garden Design – How to Build Amazing Green Vertical Gardens in Thailand

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  • Sandra Citelly 5 years ago

    Nice video very helpful..thank you.!?

  • Georgeta2015 5 years ago

    ank you for so much useful information !!?

  • Brandon Schaffner 5 years ago

    In 2003 the lumber industry changed the chemicals added to pressure treated wood from arsenic

  • Frank Burns 5 years ago

    If you go North-South, your shorter plants to the west of the taller ones will be shaded in the morning, and the ones on the east will be shaded in the evening.

  • Bill Sprague 5 years ago

    Very well done. Most helpful..?

  • orion lottering 5 years ago

    The best yet. Thank you.?

  • Margaret Esposito 5 years ago

    what a great video!!!!?

  • Mike B (Citizen 1) 5 years ago

    I love the concept issues you highlighted and solved in a responsible common sense way. Better than trial and error. Thanks!?

  • Gary Wiebel 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for adding this video! This THE BEST gardening video.

  • jenai herod 5 years ago

    Bless You for making this video .ITS A MUST SEE FOR ANY NEW GARDENER like myself who was lost in a sea of too much information that left me overwhelmed with confusion and questions ! This video just took it all and put it together in a complete simple easy to understand manner that even my 7 year old grandson can understand and implement , I finally have the answers I needed that prevented me from finishing the design and cant thank you enough , THIS IS SIMPLY THE BEST MOST COMPLETE GARDENING HOW TO VIDEO FOR ANYONE STRUGGLING WITH THEIR FIRST GARDEN OR EVEN A FAILED ONE !?

  • Paul Ladendorf 5 years ago

    This is by far the best single gardening video I've ever watched. Thanks!?

  • Jay Salsbery 5 years ago

    Isn't pressure treated wood impregnated with toxic chemicals? I wouldn't want that in my garden…?

  • Jonathan Taylor 5 years ago

    That is most excellent to hear, Jessica!?

  • Jules Isaacs 5 years ago

    It was good Jonathan. I brought much needed business to business. ?

  • Jonathan Taylor 5 years ago

    Hey Jessica, how was your first day at your new job??

  • PatoniSinsi 5 years ago

    Very informative. Thank you!?

  • Applepiebetty 5 years ago

    Loved your show, but there is one thing that just doesn't make sense to me, and yet all gardeners say it and that is.. "Not to plant the same thing in the same areas as the year before."

  • George Zapo 5 years ago

    Thank you…?

  • Passer Angel 5 years ago

    Excellent tips!!! I am happy I found your YT. Thank you

  • Kaho Fotyfar 5 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:?

  • vincent neale 5 years ago

    My Grandfather started me into growing vegetables After he passed away I had all his gardening books which Victorian and also his tools and line marker which he had made by a local blacksmith. I been growing since I was eleven years old so that's 60 years this year. Nothing beats home grown food?

  • emily blaszkow 5 years ago

    Incredible garden, with so many successful crops!!! Hope your grandfather is better!?

  • teresa brown 5 years ago


  • Glenn Mantia 5 years ago

    just want to say this was a great video and uncle Dewayne is a riot he had me rollin its good to see people having fun while working in the garden it puts me mind of my grandparents house when i was a child

  • Gaming And Gardening 5 years ago

    you live in dallas? Omg?

  • s Buzz 5 years ago

    great inspiration for you and us, always your garden are healthy?

  • MORNING Gardener's SHOW. 5 years ago

    That looks like a clay soil,,,is tilling good for the soil.??

  • Nina Reynolds 5 years ago

    Grand Pa's Garden……. !?

  • Hailey Garcia 5 years ago

    I enjoy watching these videos there fun, by the way your uncle is very funny lol "better than McDonald's"?

  • Ana Maya 5 years ago

    what a good grand son you are….. and the garden is beautiful.?

  • Mike Jackson 5 years ago

    Awww… what a beautiful thing… grandson reviewing granddad's garden. That is special… Uncle Dwayne… hehe… We all need one. Thank you for posting this.. Cheers?

  • Seth Smucker 5 years ago

    You have inspired me to start my own garden! Please make a video on how to grow marijuana. I was having some trouble and thought that you could help.?

  • Gardening With Puppies 5 years ago

    Your grandfather's garden is beautiful. It was so nice of you to help him out.?

  • jksatte 5 years ago

    That was an awesome video. I love your family, lots of fun. I hope your grandfather is doing much better now. It's a blessing to have family around to help.?

  • Anastassio Balcorta 5 years ago

    Restore our country one garden at a time! ?

  • kittensugars 5 years ago


  • Mindy Leigh 5 years ago

    I love your grandfather.. So remind me of mine and all my older uncles garden/farmer was their life.. My dad still does today.. "Free Vitamin b shot " my favorite part… ?

  • Carol Reid 5 years ago

    Hi Brandon from CA,
    I'm curious what the reasoning is behind not using steer manure in clay soil in an organic garden?
    I've never heard that before. Here in California it's a common practice to use mulched manure (usually baked I believe too if store-bought).
    I use both sore bought steer manure & a bit of redwood compost tilled in.

    The weather was awful here as well earlier on, so I didn't start my garden until just before sumer started. We had alternating cold/hot temperatures, this it was difficult to tell when to plant.

    I'm still going to plant more as I did use some older seed & have a few bare spots in my rows & some seeds that were just slow to start (mostly varieties of tomatoes that are new to me.)

    As for the yellow pear tomatoes, I love eating them as snacks & they are usually extremely prolific. My kids used to have a huge bowl of them they ate like popcorn while watching TV. They are sweet & in salads can be bland, but by themselves, they are great! (More of a dessert tomato)

    Very curious about the nix on steer manure, especially in a clay soul that could use the organic material.

    I grew up when chemical gardening had just taken off, but was never that happy with the subtle chemical taste (in melons, not so subtle… I thought they tasted terrible), so I always stuck with organic.

    Enjoying your videos! Hoping you'll try some steer manure & redwood compost in your garden… you may rival your grandpa's garden! (I hope he gets better soon).

    I used to soil test my gardens for natural amendments , now do it by look & feel as soil can change with erosion, weather, etc.

    Just seeing your soil, I'd add about 1-3" deep steer with a sprinkle of redwood compost (too much can wick the water out of your soil!)

    You might give it a try, mixed with your soil at say 1, 2 &3" of steer with the same seed, light & water conditions to see what works best (or you can soil test too & look up the organic materials that give you what you need.)

    Good gardening!?

  • Carlota Chmielewski 5 years ago

    At timer marker 5:25 I did see a little green bean starting.

  • TheRedheadsrus 5 years ago

    Thanks for the tour.?