What does your “Dream Garden” look like? We show you how we’re working on creating ours with design plans and planting schedules.
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How to Design and Layout Your Dream Vegetable Garden

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  • Kandice Polut

    My husband thinks that keeping the garden in rows makes it easier to set up our watering system. Can I do it just as easy in a plot? We are pretty new at this. 2nd year gardeners.

  • rw24681

    Travis you need to get rid of any of those pine trees with in 50' of your garden. When they get bigger they will suck all of the nutrient's and water from you garden. Just had about 8 removed from a fence row that was across my driveway from my garden and I couldn't hardly get any thing to grow in the first 20' of my garden.

  • Bill Laut

    For those of us who've never had a garden before, this video is a great start to an exciting series that I and others will be watching! I'm imagining it to be somewhat like an executive chef at a restaurant who is preparing the upcoming year's worth of menus, and determining what vegetables, fruits, and herbs will be required to satisfy the menus. Then, deciding on how the produce can be preserved (boiling-water or pressure canning, dehydrating, etc.). Plus timing the planting so that all the required ingredients reach harvest at the same time. And maybe preparing entire meals (like soups, chilies, etc.) that can be pressure-canned so you have something "ready to go" already on the shelf.

    I look forward to see how this series will proceed!

  • Brad Warren

    I saw a video of you planting tomatoes a while back and before you put the plant in the ground you put a couple of handfuls of a granular substance in the hole. What was that?

  • Brandon Richardson

    Fantastic looking Garden I can't wait to see what it looks like. I wish you the best of luck. And it will make for more informative videos from hoss tool company. I enjoyed video that you and Greg make. Very informative for a bunch of us country boys.

  • Grumpyneanderthal

    For those among us that can't remember those Geometry formulas, simply Google "Right Angle Calculator" and you can simply enter the horizontal and vertical (rise and run) and it will calculate the hypotenuse for you….I downloaded an app called "Right Angle" to my phone and use it quite frequently for carpentry tasks and others.

  • Annie Gaddis

    Sounds great. Am sharing your Vid. Would like to watch you when you PLANT that garden too!
    Any chance you'll go into more detail about what veggies need what fertilizer at what stage? Made a mistake last year when everything was looking yellow after so many rains, and I blasted everything with bloodmeal. Some plants took off like crazy, but some died, and others grew a great crop of foliage, but had NO fruit (blueberries and grapes). Someone said I should have added BONE meal to the potatoes, calcium to the tomatoes, etc. Would LOVE for you guys to make us a list on your website! Thanx!

  • Tim Jones

    on row by row you mentioned using the seeder to seed grass in your pathways. When do you plan to seed pathways? How many rows do you plan to seed across those 10 ft spaces? YOu plan to use seeder to cut down on cost of seed vs broadcasting?