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Garden designer Laura Eubanks ( shows how to create a “mosaic-like” pocket garden of succulents, from start to finish. Laura’s helpful tips include how she shops for succulents (she “counts heads”), and how she takes cuttings and plants them—resulting in a colorful, eye-catching and harmonious composition perfect for small gardens. Although an in-ground garden like this is best for a mild, frost-free climate, many of Laura’s ideas will apply to succulent container compositions that need to be overwintered indoors. Producer and garden photojournalist Debra Lee Baldwin is the author of three books about using succulent plants in gardens and containers: Designing with Succulents, Succulent Container Gardens, and Succulents Simplified. Filmed in a private garden in Rancho Bernardo, CA. Size of the pocket garden shown in the video is approximately 9 square feet. Want to learn more about using these lovely, low-maintenance plants like the pros do? Debra Lee Baldwin now offers a 3-hour, 7-lesson online class: Stunning Succulent Arrangements. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSucculent Garden Design SecretsHow to Create a Beautiful Succulent Wall Hanging(SIMPLE and EASY) Create An Awesome Wall Decoration With These Succulent Vertical Garden IdeasHow to Create Succulent ArtCreate a Living Picture with SucculentsGardening Tip: Succulent Vertical Wall Garden and Wall Planting Trays

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  • Ann Miller 8 months ago

    That is awesome, that little pocket succulent garden! I have the perfect
    place for one of my own. You have given me the idea and inspiration. Thanks for the video…

  • Bennie Leaphart 8 months ago

    Enjoy very much. Thank You. Bennie

  • Stephanie Nunez 8 months ago

    id love to see if theres any updates. i know its years later though, one can wish. i just recently moved to central texas from south texas and was sad when i realized i cant have succulent gardens year round because of the frost during fall and winter, some even in spring. my heart cried a little, especially when i saw how beautiful this turned out!

  • donna grace 8 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous! For decades I have wanted to recreate the mass plantings of succulents that drape the landscape in CAL. My most favorite thing to do while visiting is go for a walk by myself around some random neighborhood searching for succulents. Its better for me to do that alone because I tend to forget I am right in the middle of a conversation, stop and stare in awe while the other person keeps on walking..and talking. Obviously I love succulents but I am hesitant to put them in the ground since its such a harsh environment here in the desert of Southeastern Arizona. We live in a cabin on 8 acres out in the desert which has a little private mountain covered with all kinds of cactus & desert shrubs. I am turning it into one massive wildflower/vegetable garden. I want it to look like it is overflowing with life, literally pouring down the sides and flowing into our valley mesquite food forest. When we moved here the whole property was covered in tumbleweeds. Most of the 200+ mesquite trees and shrubs were way overgrown and half dead. My boyfriend and I have worked very hard over the last year to clean it up but now its time to make it beautiful. After watching many of your awesome videos I think I am finally ready to take the plunge and make my dreams come true..I just decided on the perfect spot to showcase my little collection of succulents..Ohh yahh its happening, more like its happening right now..I wish I could just show you what you have inspired me to would love it, I hope.

  • Sylvia 8 months ago

    I filled my Home Depot/Lowe's basket with nothing but succulents in the succulent garden section. Lo and behold…that very evening (during our nightly walk after dinner) I saw one of the plants that I got in someone's front yard and looks like it will grow quite big! I thought most succulents were tiny and in cute little pots! lol (Boy, was I wrong!)
    How do we keep them small…besides the obvious of choice of not buying the big ones. (clearly, I didn't do my homework! lol) Do we just keep trimming it back or taking the plant out completely from the ground and then planting back just a tiny portion of it back into the ground? (Seeing as succulents don't really need roots to grow, I'm guessing?) Any advice could save me the "I told you so" lecture from my hubby. lol Thanks!

  • Michele Jones 8 months ago

    Great VD! THANK you. I'm a newbie! Want to do a succ garden but live in zone 7b, so succs have to come inside for winter. Do i dig them up in fall or make a garden with succs in a container & pull pots out in fall? Thank you!

  • Kimmi Cannon 8 months ago

    Love succulent gardens….transplanting my agave tomorrow into my established succulent garden. I'm a newbie….love it here!!

  • Angie Catloth 8 months ago

    Beautiful as always Laura!

  • bluesky7226 8 months ago

    Fabulous talent! You rock, Laura!

  • Gerson Souza 8 months ago

    Very good video, it inspired me to have succulents in a part of my garden. Thanks.

  • QUYNH LY 8 months ago

    Omg amazing!!! I want to be a succulent bada*s like Laura one day!!!

  • Lifestyle By Vita 8 months ago

    This is the first video I saw about succulents and I just fell love!! ❤️

  • Wisconsin Wonder Garden 8 months ago

    I wish we could plant succulents that BIG in Wisconsin! Around there our only choice is hardy sempervivum varieties! Great video, I love what your doing

  • Homeschool Mom of 4 8 months ago

    They will propagated by itself?

  • Willa Johnson 8 months ago

    Thank you so much for putting plant names on screen.

  • Michelle Piana 8 months ago

    Great information! So beautiful and easy to work with. Thank you ❤