Today I am sharing How to create a succulent garden! Come along and plant with me as I share how I created a beautiful wall planter of stunning succulents!

I wanted to bring more life into our patio and planting succulents was the perfect option for us. They are drought tolerant (need little water) and are very low maintenance plants. They are fun to watch as they grow and spread they will fill in these wall planters will look even more beautiful as the succulents grow.

Do you love gardening? Having a garden is a great hobby and a way to pass the time. For me, it’s also stress relieving too!

Not sure how to grow succulents? I love learning and with gardening, I’ve learned that nobody is ever born with a green thumb! It’s all about trial and error and trying again! I believe succulent arrangements are a great way to start growing plants, they are the lowest maintenance plant out there!

One of my favorite things about these planters is that they are a very minimal but a beautiful way to display plants. They sit at eye level and bring so much life to our outdoor space!

I am linking some of the products used in this video for this succulent garden so you can create one too!

Products Used:

Cedar Fence Picket (Home Depot):
Succulents I used (Home Depot):
Succulents (Similar on Amazon):
Soil (Amazon):
Soil (Home Depot) :

The camera I’m using:
Favorite lens:


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How to Create a Succulent Garden | Plant with me!

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