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  • J Waters 6 months ago

    In your situation you are doing good.
    I have a system that works good for me.
    What I have is a bunch of barrels 55 gal cut the top and bottom off.
    Then I put bio matral about 1 foot then 2 inches of good top soil.
    Then repeat until full then top off with 2 inches of top soil.
    Seal around base of barrel with soil to keep mice out.
    Keep top sealed with soil, water once a week.
    As it srinks ad more bio and soil.
    Remove barrel each month put dry on bottem wet on top.
    2 months compost ready to use.
    Clean up garden in to barrels in fall use in garden in spring.

  • Aztec Warrior 6 months ago

    w w w . utahcompost . o r g

  • Smitty 6 months ago

    Thanks for the info Im going to get the raised bed I started (but haven't finished) finished the pot thing is not doing so well in the heat ,again thanks for the vids and wisdom in gardening my new strategy will be pots in spring and the raised bed deal in the summer cool