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Cloning Cannabis can be done in many ways, but there are some methods that produce quicker, more vigorous results than others. One of those cloning methods is called Aeroponic cloning. Join the club ➡️ This video is for people 21+ who live in legal states. We do not support any illegal activity of any kind. This video is for documentary and educational purposes only. Cloning Cannabis plants with Aeroponics is one of the most reliable ways to get healthy, hearty roots. In this video, Rob breaks down how he clones using aeroponics, step by step: + Setting up an aeroponic cloner + What solution to add to an aeroponic cloner + Where to take the cut from + How big of a cut to take from the plant + Preparing the Cannabis cut to be cloned + Cloner maintenance + Planting the Cannabis clone + Feeding clones Visit our website ➡️ Subscribe to our newsletter and enter to win a chance to receive an exclusive Cannabis Lifestyle TV goodie box. Each winner will receive a package with FREE CLtv gear and smoke accessories! -ENTER TO WIN HERE- Subscriber Giveaway *Must be 18+ to enter* What would you like to see next on Cannabis Lifestyle TV? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us — We have so much more coming your way, make sure you subscribe to our channel for the latest from Cannabis Lifestyle TV! *All of our content is for people 18+ living in states with legal recreational and/or medical Marijuana.* You can support this channel by bookmarking this Amazon link ➡️ — and using it every time you shop on Amazon. Thanks everyone! Follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes and exclusive content ➡️ If you read […]

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  • Cannabis Lifestyle TV 8 months ago

    How do you clone your plants?

  • Jary Mane 8 months ago

    With a brand new clone, do you run cloner constantly? I've heard 1min on 5 min off. Is that after you get roots? Thx! I want to use aeroponics through the whole cycle. Will go into 5g aeroponic bucket after cloner.

  • newlife956 8 months ago

    Excellent video…well-paced, informative, no needless music or discussion…Right to the point….and you're sooooooooo CUTE…lol!

  • Flat Earth Pond 8 months ago

    Nicely done… well spoken, quality knowledge…

  • Highflyer 420 8 months ago

    Damn i loved this video i recently had some awesome genetics i lost because it was difficult to clone im definitely gonna invest in this well worth it.

  • ThatOneGuyDom YeaItsMe 8 months ago

    What are the time intervals for the sprayer though???

  • double ooh 7 7 months ago

    Look up monster cloning on royalqeenseeds

  • TheDesiree1978 7 months ago


  • Shade tree Prospector 7 months ago

    Yeah I thought the same thing I paid a premium for 12 site Platinum cloner 4 days into its operation the motor quit working you get what you pay for much easier to build

  • Atom izer 7 months ago

    If you have good mains water pressure you can use a 12v solenoid and timer instead of a pump. Add a small 12v SLA battery linked to a solar charger and its completely immune to power outages. The main benefits of doing it this way is you get real mist, not spray. It uses so little water you can run to awaste so each misting uses pristine water not recirculated gunk. No risk of any pump related water heating issues,, may need to run a long pipe to allow the water to warm up if your mains water is really cold. A mains water pressure cloner will use a lot less water per day than you`d use flushing a toilet once 😉

  • James Watkins 7 months ago

    Michigan holla.. love your videos man. Thanks for all the tip brotha

  • Paul Argueta 7 months ago

    It only took me 43 years to learn that the difference between those that became SUCCESSFUL, and those who didn't, was their ability to HOLD ON and PERSIST in the face of less than desireable, often bleak, circumstances and/or environments. Just. Hold. On.

  • Adrian Doyle 7 months ago

    Thanks for sharing. Peace.

  • mo green Stinson 7 months ago

    Very nice brother let's get it

  • Fineeko Da Assailant 7 months ago

    Can I use a reptile light for UVB

  • DeZZ NugZZ 7 months ago

    Great video my dude.!!!!

  • Cracker Jack 7 months ago

    I got me an oxy cloner a while back, probably one of the best things I put in my tent!

  • greenhorn grower 7 months ago

    Cheers man and 2 thumbs up from Portland, now back to ur vid