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In this video I run you through a step by step proccess of how to clone any plant from a cutting. Plant propagation is very simple and can save you a lot of … Go Here for Instant Access: The Complete Family Survival Plan For Up To 7 Years. Get 100% prepared for the coming disaster… now … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Gardening Organic Plant जलकृषि कैसे करे ?How to Plant Kailan Using Hydroponics : Hydroponic GardeningHydroponic Gardening experiment | Kratky Method | Cucumber Plant | Soilless cultivationHydroponic Fun – Indoor Gardening – Ultimate Plant Cage Product ReviewInstructions for Building Hydroponic Plant Grower : Hydroponic GardeningMoney Plant Wall Hanging Ideas / Money Plant Decoration / Vertical Gardening Ideas

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  • TH3G0D5 5 years ago

    Good info, thanks?

  • Linda G. Ulm 5 years ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you will have to shop for “plant food” or
    nutrients and supplements that are expensive.?

  • Stephan Langeveld 5 years ago

    just because you said I shouldn’t try to clone any flower, I did
    20 roses in a month no root tone haha :)?

  • Mike Sepe 5 years ago

    This might be a dumb question but would this also work on a tree? My
    grandmother planted a tree about 20 years ago in my aunts yard. I’d like to
    clone and plant at my house. Thank you for the feed back?

  • Tony Arroyos 5 years ago

    Now I could clone weed jk?

  • Vincent Roberts 5 years ago

    O my ringtone lol throw back cassie ?

  • Sheds Direct 5 years ago

    Through this video, I learned that cloning plant from cutting is very easy
    but I think we have to make sure first that the quality of plant before we
    do the process is good. This is a very good idea in such a way that it can
    help our plants to become more productive and in terms of financing.?

  • anotherdamnyankee 5 years ago

    First turn off your phone when making a video Second ,never dip into the
    root-tone container because it become contaminated. Use what you think
    you’ll need by placing in the cap then discard what is left over from the

  • Chico Calderon 5 years ago

    Thanks for this. Does this work for trees?

  • skiweeds 5 years ago

    awesome vid but i got a couple tips if you dont mind. use the liquid gel
    instead of the powder rooting hormone. i use cloneX. also dont dip in the
    bottle. pour out a small amount on a surface. dip your cuttings in that.
    discard the remainder. this way you wont contaminate your bottle. sterilize
    scissors with rubbing alcohol. you can also cut bottom leaves in half so
    the plant puts more energy into rooting. also turn cell phones off during
    demonstrations LOL.

  • MrRoweyurboat 5 years ago

    Where can you buy that rooting stuff?

  • The Orange Pyro Ranger 5 years ago

    im doing this for my science fair.

  • Eddytje1 5 years ago

    i need an experienced person whos in the plant industrie or knowlegde for
    like 1970 80 or somthing, i heard they sprayign chemtrails and the crops
    arent growing on the natural seeds or somthing. can someone help me with
    this ?

  • EToastE 5 years ago

    Can you clone bamboo!?? @_@

  • lovingmygarden 5 years ago

    Thanks for posting this helpful video about cloning. I just have a few
    questions in mind….How often do you water your clones in a day? I also
    noticed that you used yellow light instead of white, is it better? I hope
    you can find the time to answer my questions. Thanks!

  • Benny Dudkevitch 5 years ago

    Great Clip. TY !

  • Sho Asa 5 years ago

    Or about botany in general. I tried cloning some flowering basil. Didn’t

  • opticlook 5 years ago

    Question? If it’s flowering can you slice the flower off to make the
    cloning work better?

  • Fissehatimkat Moor 5 years ago

    Is that Green Light Rooting Organic/ Natural?

  • taz6122 5 years ago

    Pay attention! 1/8 chance without it. Probably 5/8 chance with.

  • pzp886 5 years ago

    @lovingmygarden just make sure theres open water in your tray and your
    rockwool cubes or soil stays moist. other than that foliar watering a few
    times a day dont hurt a bit

  • snclefebvre 5 years ago

    Nice to see more people using what’s now available to clone plants that
    matter *thumbs up*

  • yostar69 5 years ago

    does the hot house have to be snapped onto the base and does the hot house
    have holes ??? where do u buy the rooting

  • Patsplattheredstonisist 5 years ago

    @Zelvi38 and its not like they are using it for medical reasons.

  • ashyk14 5 years ago


  • ima rosa 5 years ago

    dude nice tutorial.

  • niki ver 5 years ago

    u r a life saver!!!

  • Anne Ammons 5 years ago

    wow i didn’t know u could do that

  • Bill Jones 5 years ago

    Goddamit navi lolololololol

  • Andrea Achterhoal 5 years ago

    u save my life!!!!!!

  • MrMayank101 5 years ago

    thanks 😉

  • SerkanKetchupVlogs 5 years ago

    very nice tutorial

  • TeleviziuneOnline1 5 years ago

    Omg it works ?!?!?!!

  • bamgummi 5 years ago

    kool thank you very much :D!!!!

  • Wendi Simmons 5 years ago


  • Ronkas Furgonkas 5 years ago

    Thanks for the help.

  • Kristina Rudinova 5 years ago

    very nice tutorial

  • JustinBieber4Prez 5 years ago

    nice work :)!!!!

  • Lastofusdownload 5 years ago

    Looks awesome. 😀

  • Stefan Krstic 5 years ago

    Thanks dude. Really helped out!!