Added by on 2016-01-09 Rain Tower Vertical Hydroponic Garden Web Page: How To Build The Rain Tower Vertical Hydroponic System UPDATE VIDEO: This took quite a bit of editing to get this as short as possible without leaving out important information. This may take 2 weekends to build due to drying time for the epoxy. Don’t rush and take your time. I have plenty more information for the tools and supplies needed on my website and will keep adding to it to help answer future questions. Links will pop up during the video to bring you to the templates where you can download and print them off from PDF files. If you build one or have modifications please let me know and I’ll add your video or photos to the Rain Tower web page. I had the basic idea for what I wanted to build and modified it on my way to the end. I’m sure there’s more that can be done to make this better and will update that on the web site. I would love to see how this does in a greenhouse instead of under grow lights. I’ll have a taller one for this summer for outdoors. Should be a sight to see. That’s all for now – Mr. Sleestak Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPt.2/10 How to Build a Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower System and 11lb Chocolate Bar to the Rescue: )Pt.3 How to Build Hydroponic Vertical Grow Tower SystemRain Tower Vertical Hydroponic System: With My ModificationsThe Rain Tower – Vertical Hydroponic SystemDIY : How to make a vertical tower hydroponic system part 2Pt.6/10 How to Build a Hydroponic Grow Tower System: Almost Finished: )

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  • Beverly Blair 4 years ago


  • Trent Bennett 4 years ago

    aluminum cans and office scissors would make great shields, i bet?

  • Gregor Sidler 4 years ago

    Probably the most comprehensive tutorial I have ever seen on your website. Came across it on Pinterest. Great work……fantastic Work. You're the man! Thank you very much for the legwork!?

  • Doug Jones 4 years ago


  • Doug Jones 4 years ago

    Hoping its temporary. Found your site got all excited told the wife . Went back to get the templates and parts links and the site is down

    Trying to piece together the parts from memory and the video. Just not sure what size the pots are.

    Hope your site pops back up its so full of awesome info ?

  • Colin Hammill 4 years ago

    Great idea man :)?

  • Judy Mason 4 years ago

    I couldn't tell or understand what the round things you were putting around the seedling near the end of the video. What were they??

  • marshall reagan 4 years ago

    You can get nylon bolts & nuts at most hardware stores . they would work for the hinges without the silicone . also have you tried the glue for pvc pipe to glue the pvc pipe to the post??

  • Bob Segraves 4 years ago

    It is interesting how you attached the net cup holders.

  • jr3141 4 years ago

    I ended up here due to Tower Garden's horrible customer service. Will build one myself after watching this video. Great work man!?

  • Maria Lagarin 4 years ago

    The reason why lots of people could not complete the hydroponics building is because of an incorrect instruction.?

  • Paul Ladendorf 4 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks so much for this. Do you know how much all of the supplies cost for this setup including the growing medium??

  • Bob Cotter 4 years ago

    SleestaksRule: I built my own tower which very similar to yours and is mechanically working GREAT!

  • Henroin42 4 years ago

    instead of using your aluminum shield you could warm the section over the netpot and push it a little bit to the inside of your tower?

  • Marius Van Niekerk 4 years ago

    Thank you for this brilliant informative video. Thank you for sharing the templates. It saves time.?

  • Jake Yu 4 years ago

    The link to the first template isn't working and I can't find the templates on your website. I found this:

  • Yvonne de Savigny 4 years ago

    I like this idea of being self sufficient, thank you for sharing your idea.

  • blissness 4 years ago

    Great video!?

  • Aqua352 4 years ago

    If you had a larger post, could your put the pots in all around without having to stagger them, to maximize space?