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We cemented this wall in You don’t have to but we wanted a soild wall. We place cement at the back of the wall and on top of the stone closer to the back so you don’t see the cement at the front of the wall. You can just stack the wall without any cement its a good idea to use fabric behind the wall so soil doesen’t leach out the front. If you want a more strudier wall it good to use 3/4 crush behind the wall Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Build a Rock Wall PlanterHow to Build a Stacked Rock Wall PlanterHow To Build a Small brick Garden Wall without Cement MortarCustomizing Faux Rock Wall Panels with Potrocks and Rock PlantersDIY Vertical Garden: How to Build A Rolling Stand For Your 2-Tower Farm WallHow to Build a Garden Wall | MarshallsTV

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  • Surrey Vapes 1 year ago

    why thanks

  • onewheelup 1 year ago

    looks great,it helps when you actually have some hill or high and low spots on your land instead of flat yard.i have a ton of moss rock that i want to do the same thing to keep erosion from washing away my land,plus it looks cool with existing plants behind it.

  • Shannon Fisher 1 year ago

    what will happen when bushes and trees start to grow and roots start expanding will stone push out I have similar problem

  • Bruno Chine 1 year ago


  • neosomato hypergenesis 1 year ago

    more detail   don't make me come over there

  • Bruno Chine 1 year ago


  • Laura Ward 1 year ago

    Are you using cement or a mortar mix?