Materials | Tools | Supplies
– Plant Tray:
– Grow Lights:
– Ventilation Fan:
– Power Strip:
– Casters:
– Pea Sprouts:
– Heat Gun:
– Circular Saw:
– Miter Saw:
– Table Saw:
– Polyurethane:
– Danish Oil:
– Kreg Jig:
– Power Drill:
– Square Clamps:
– Clamp 40:
– Clamps:
– Maple Edge Banding:
– 1-1/4″ Pocket Screws:
– 3/4″ screws:
– Jigsaw:

Essential Safety Gear:
– Safety Glasses: or
– Hearing Protection: or
– Dust Mask: or
– Respirator: or

— Video Equipment —
– Compact Camera –
– Travel Camera:
– Mirrorless Camera –
– Small Tripod –
– Regular Tripod:
– Slider – Konova Camera Slider Dolly K2 60cm (23.6 Inch)
– Drone –
– Lighting:

— Social Media —

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Before Sunset by Soyb
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Disclaimer: These videos are intended for entertainment and inspiration only. Woodworking and making stuff is dangerous. Always seek professional advice and training before using any power tools. If you have any uncertainty before performing any woodworking or fabricating procedure, stop and learn a safer method. Do not attempt anything simply because you saw it in one of my videos. Summary: be smart, use common sense, and respect your power tools.

This description contains affiliate links. This helps support the channel and allows me to make more DIY videos. Thank you for the support!

Items I received at no cost / sponsorship include (some of which I may not use in the video):

1. Ryobi Power Drill
2. Ryobi Router
3. Ryobi Circular Saw
4. Ryobi Impact Driver
5. HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer
6. WeatherWash Oaked Stain & Maintenance Oil
7. Ryobi Belt Sander
8. Ryobi 12″ Sliding Miter Saw
9. Ryobi Wet Saw
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How to Build Mini Indoor Microgreen Farm Shelf DIY

| Vertical farming | 5 Comments
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  • Paul Tran DIY

    Update: I noticed the lights were way too bright to leave somewhere in the house. So I installed a small 1.5" lip to each of the shelves to cover the lights from the front of the shelf. This way the LEDs would not shine directly into someones eyes. I will post an updated photo on my Instagram: PaulTranDIY

  • Money Making Mike G.

    What a fantastic little project Bud. Very, very cool Paul!! We have over 14 plants in our house including Basil & Mint. We have to have greenery inside Bud. Hope all is well & Dirty Jersey out!!!

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