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Growing hydroponic tomatoes with Grodan Gro Blocks – Hugo Blocks and leech Trays. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsHow to build a raised vegetable garden with Besser blocksLong kid train of building blocks toys for children | Robots for kids | Kids GardenHow to Build a Hydroponic GardenVerti-Gro Kits – Build your own Hydroponic GardenKids building blocks | Block set for children | kids show | kids GardenHow To Build A Windowsill Hydroponic Herb Garden (Part 1 of 2)

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  • Bobby Weedman 2 years ago

    Show us the END PRODUCT not the veg. stage if you are sure you know what
    you are doing.?

  • Daisy Sanderson 2 years ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you will have to buy “plant food” or
    nutrients and supplements that can be more costly.?

  • Gadiel Serrano 2 years ago


  • Scott Brown 2 years ago

    The latest in my series of hydroponic home videos. Everything from NFT to
    dutch buckets. Here I’m using Grodan Gro Blocks for this years tomato
    plants. Check out my whole series on YouTube at

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 2 years ago

    Cool set up ! Looking forward in seeing how your system does this summer.

  • darriningraham 2 years ago

    Where did you get your Grodan grow blocks?