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You can build a simple custom garden box for under . Aiman will take you through a step by step process of building a durable that will not only enhance your landscape but will also last many years by using pressure treated picket fence lumber, which is less expensive than the regular pressure treated lumber. That’s only about per year! You can buy the lumber from Lowes, Home Depot or any lumber yards. To keep his videos at a respectable length, Aiman is breaking it up into multiple parts. This is Part 1 of this topic. In this part, Aiman shows the custom garden boxes that his dad built for him. Over the years Aiman has been watching his parents planting flowers and gardening. This year Aiman want to have a flower box of his own where he can plant and care for the flowers of his choosing. Since he doesn’t any more materials left in order to show the viewers how to build the garden box from scratch, he is taking the viewers along with his trip to a local Lowes Hardware store nearby. Stay tune for the next part… Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVertical Gardening – Simple Ideas for a Vertical Vegetable GardenDIY Garden Path Ideas and Build (+ Why I Started Epic Gardening)How to Build a Simple Garden for KidsHow to build a home made DIY Aquaponics garden.⟹ DIY 55 gallon self watering vertical garden planter | How to build start to finish!How To Make Your Own Japanese Zen Garden: Part 2 | Gardening | Great Home Ideas

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