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How to design Aeroponic System-First Pakistan Aeroponic System. Pakistan Hydroponics designed First Aeroponic System of Pakistan. Timer is used to control the feed with interval which is fully automated and can be controlled via Cell phone/mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Best and easy aeroponic system for growing cucumbers or any type of vegetables in climate controlled greenhouse at Karachi, Pakistan. Roots are growing very rapidly in this aeroponic system and plant is very healthy and starts heavy fruiting. ■■■■■ Please like our Facebook Page ■■■■■ Please join our Facebook Group ■■■■■ Follow our Tweets on Tweets by PK_HYDROPONICS ■■■■■ Follow us on Google Plus ■■■■■ Save all our pins on ■■■■■ Subscribe our YouTube Channel on ■■■■■ Please visit our website Thanks, stay blessed! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFirst indigenous hydroponic system in Pakistan: Capital TVHow to Make Hydroponic Nutrients – How to Make Nutrients for Hydroponic System (URDU/HINDI)Greenhouse Rotate aeroponic farming vertical tower garden grow systemAeroponic System V2what is hydroponics system and how it saves 95% water | explained in urdu/hindiBiggest Automated Tunnel Farm of Pakistan

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  • Niaz Hussain 1 year ago

    MASHALLAH bhai very nice.
    Bhai tomato ka nutrient kon sa use karna hai npk 20 20 20.ya koi aur.

    Plz jo ap nay fan lagae hoay hain woh kitni power waly hain aur un ki price kya h

  • Vivek Kumar 1 year ago

    Hello sir can u plz make complete video of nutrients

  • Izyan Younis 1 year ago

    Dram main motor konsa hai?

  • Izyan Younis 1 year ago


  • Izyan Younis 1 year ago

    Ye deal kahn s milgy

  • Izyan Younis 1 year ago

    Ye deal kahn s milgy

  • Mirza Asif 1 year ago

    Thanks to u share the information like this

  • Zahid Khan 1 year ago

    Asalam u alaqum
    Khalid Bhai, MASHAHALLAH, bohot zabardast hay.
    Ap nay cocopet ma Kiya sirif MAP use Kiya hay.?
    Or aeroponic may alominium foil kiyon use kartay Hain agar use na Karin to Kiya hoga?
    Is may 18.18.18 use Kar saktay Hain Result dayga?

  • Usman Shah 1 year ago

    Bhai ap ny nutrents kn sy kitny daly hain plz tfseel sy bta dain.

  • Hashim Khan 1 year ago

    Bhai aap nutrens kon sa kitna milate hai

  • Abdul Waiz 1 year ago

    Ma Sha Allah very informative video explained the whole setup in easy to follow detail. Keep on inspiring.

  • GeoAeroponic 1 year ago

    The buckets wont be big enough to hold a cucumber plants root mass 😉 You`ll find they will eventually choke the sprinklers and prevent water from reaching the rest of the roots.

  • Moeenuddin Hashim 1 year ago

    Thank you for making these videos Khalid Bhai

  • Bilal Yousuf. R 1 year ago

    Gardening shop par jakar video banai with price plzzz

  • Anis sunasra 1 year ago

    MashaAllah great but aapke plant me male flowers nazar nahi aarahe fir pollination kaise hota hai hybrid hai kya

  • Shashi n Gautam - Kitchen Gardeners 1 year ago

    Nice setup and your tomato looks to do well too. Name of rubber part used in the video to connect pipe with bucket is Grommet. If viewers can find it locally they can search by the name Grommet.

  • Punjabi song Recorder 1 year ago

    Sir ji net house per video benao