How to Build an Off Grid Hydroponic or Aquaponic System: Survival Hydroponics
Using solar, AGM deep cycle batteries and a solar regulator we take a 12 volt pump off grid to run the hydroponic system.
Today we add a solar battery system to the NFT and flood and drain hydroponic system to take it off grid to prepare for a possible pandemic after the Australian government trigger their emergency response plan.

How to Build a NFT Hydroponic System:

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Through self sufficiency we can reduce consumption and increase our hyperlocal household production.

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There are two stores because dependant on where you live in the world one will be cheaper than the other (shipping) and it gives a range of design flexibility.

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How to Build an Off Grid Hydroponic/Aquaponic System: Survival Hydroponics

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  • Red Ridge Gardening

    great video mate. I thought of this idea and knew it should work but have been looking for a video to prove if someone else has already done it. Proud to find the most basic and easy to follow video was from a fellow Queenslander ; )
    now im ready to start ordering some parts to get started

  • Daniel Cinerari

    Mate I'm loving your videos, we took some inspiration from you with our latest Hydroponic project. Check it out Instagram, would love to connect with you in the future. Love from Melbourne Dan (@Hydroponictherapy)

  • Dennis 'n Sharlene Parker

    I had to laugh with facing north. When in South America several years ago I kept looking for sun in the south and never found it. Then my husband reminded me south hemispheres sun is in the north. Did that ever turn me around. Lol

  • Jay Pfeilsticker

    Would it make sense to raise the water level (maybe by 1-3cm??) by capping the end of the pvc pipe and drilling a hole up from the bottom of the pipe to keep more water in the pipe in case of no sun? With the hole drilled off center, and if the end caps were threaded, you could adjust the water level by just turning the cap on the threads. ? ? ?

  • Alex Alex

    Hey man great content, watched a few of your videos, you need a better microphone though, the sound isn't very good! A good lavalier will increase the quality of your vids 10x. Cheers.