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The Seed to Shaker indoor hydroponic shallow water culture & propagation rack allows up to 372 plant sites in a 2’x4′ footprint. This is the rack I use to grow living cut fresh herbs, garnish, & edible flowers for my food truck Mocktail and Craft Cocktail program at my farmer’s market. We are also pumping out Microgreens like never before. This video is part of the Bootstrap Farmer Incubator series where we look at business planning, validation, and execution of added value agricultural products for direct to consumer and specialty sales outlets. For PDF’s, feasibility studies, and how to videos, learn more at: Related Postse-GRO Webinar – Growing Lettuce and Culinary Herbs HydroponicallyDowntown business growing microgreens, spices sustainably using hydroponic systemIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingHow to Grow Microgreens Indoors // Growing Your Indoor Garden #1Hydroponic System Build – DWC Water Spinach Pepper and HerbsHydroponics Halifax | Growing Hydroponic Herbs

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  • Vincent Jean 3 months ago


  • CodeX 3 months ago

    Wow… that's awesome, very clever engineered. Can I ask, the extra drainage hole is used to empty the the trays for cleaning. I cannot see any closing/opening valves, which means the water will drain all out through the holes. Second, if you're like to drain a single tray, not all trays at once, how to you do that?

  • Travis Smith 3 months ago

    That is cool!