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This is a video on how to build a DIY 35 site aeroponic cloner machine/system to root and grow plant cuttings. I built this system to quickly propagate cuttings from Peppers, Tomatoes, and perennials such as Arbovitae, Weigela, Roses, and Purpleleaf Sandcherry among others. This unit could also be used as an aeroponic growth chamber for small plants until ready for transplant. Below is a list of most, if not all, of the parts and tools used in this build. Most parts used, where bought from a local hardware store and at A link to those items can be found below. This video is for illustrative purposes only. Please read the instructions on any purchased items and be sure to do your own measuring to double check things will fit as you expect them to. Many items where purchased in larger packs than I needed for this build in order to get cheaper per piece, bulk price. Allowing me to have parts for a second build or as replacements. If you’d rather skip the work and buy a pre made machine here is a 36 site unit for about 🙂 36 SITE CLONE MACHINE: PARTS (NOTE: The video has 1″ pipe and fittings. That Is WRONG. I used 1/2″ pipe and fittings) 27 Gallon Tote: Menards – (best option) Tote (vary’s slightly): 360 clone Sprayers: Neoprene Collars: Water Pump: 2” Net Pots: Timer: LED shop lights: Foam Tape: Pipe & Fittings 1/2”: (probably cheaper at local store) Elbows: T Fittings: Male Coupler: TOOLS Cordless Drill: Pipe Cutter: 2 1/8” Hole Saw: 11/64” Drill bit: (probably cheaper at local store) 10/32 Thread Tap: Pruning Shears: X-acto Knife: EXTRAS Rooting Gel: […]

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  • Bruno E. Santos 1 year ago

    I am so lucky and grateful I came across this video.  I am impressed with how you produced and presented this video.  You might not realized it but you just wrote / implemented the Standard of how a DIY video must be done.  It is professional grade at its best.  I am blown away. 
    Thank you!

  • Curtis Jones 1 year ago

    I think I followed your plan pretty close. Mine leaks around top even with foam on top. Put tomatoes in it. Just water. So is it better to put in a nutrient solution or one of the rooting solutions. I see some say just water works. Then timer or no timer. It has been about 10 days, most plants are still alive, but only a few have very little hairs. Timer recommendations and on off. I really want to get this down before it becomes blackberry propagating time. any advice welcomed

    And this is the best video on here. Built it with no problems. My leak may because foam, and those knobs or stick up on the top.

  • alex perez 1 year ago

    good locking cloner, any leaks ?

  • mhernandezae86 1 year ago

    This video was super easy to fallow step by step that I went out made my own cloner the same day!
    Thank you so much for this video!

  • Pete Morse 1 year ago

    There is no issue with the water spray lifting the net pots out?

  • That Wide Angle 1 year ago

    awesome video! i want one just like it now

  • MyLittleGardenPlace 1 year ago

    Def the best video for a cloning machine I've seen yet. I was going to buy another Clone King but I am going to do this instead. I like the option of being able to use net pots too. I'm curious to know how much water you add in this. Also how often to you change the water? The water warms up fairly quickly in my Clone King. Thinking I should put that on a timer.

  • Angel Gutierrez 1 year ago

    Very help full best aeroponics diy video I've seen so far !!!! Thank you

  • best DIY i've seen with aero. the fact you have a parts list is awesome too. Can you do a DIY for 5 gallon bucket one for one large plant?

  • Michael Kennedy 1 year ago

    them misters seemed to squire more than mist, are they adjustable

  • Mark Harding 1 year ago

    So to the water do you need to add anything like rooting hormone or dip the stems in cloning gel? Just wondering what works best? Thanks.

  • Thorhallur Skulason 1 year ago

    Great video . Thanks

  • Harold williams 1 year ago

    Absolutely the best demonstration video on building a cloner. Thank You!

  • Karma's B1tch 1 year ago

    Can we use this system just for cloning? is there any problem if you keep adding nutrients and grow fully them?

  • Karma's B1tch 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot! I really appreciate what you've done here. I'll go tomorrow to the dollar store to get some plastic container and start building my own.
    It's great how simple you kept the whole thing.

  • Joseph Pham 1 year ago

    Great video, I got the same setup almost just using a ultrasonic humidifier.

  • Ramsey Pharoah 1 year ago

    I drilled the 2 1/8 inch holes but my net pots go right through. I have the same brand net pots (teku 5.5 lb 2 1/8 inch) as suggested in the video, but they're just barely to small and they fall through.

  • Harold williams 1 year ago

    Awesome video…now to find all of the parts in food grade plastic!

  • Hugo 1 year ago

    does it have to be closed Cell vinyl? i used rubber window stripping and the self adhesive came off and it started leaking when the "rubber" absorbed the water… which it isn't supposed to do…

  • Maren Cruickshank 1 year ago

    this is the best of all videos I've seen. thank you for taking the time.