Having a covered space in your garden is an advantage that could prove very useful. To understand how to build a wooden house it is necessary, first of all, to make a project on paper and take all the necessary measures. At this point you will have to buy the material which will be mainly composed of wooden boards, thicker to create the base and finer for the walls. Important are the metal parts such as hooks and screws that will have to join the boards. Once you have built your base of floor and walls, you will need to build the roof with an oblique structure capable of running rainwater. Finally, you will need a door that will need hinges and a lock to be able to open and close in comfort.

Wooden house for garden

Wooden house for children Have a chance to build a log cabin important in your garden in order to make the most of the space you have. A shelter from the cold in winter or from too hot in summer, also suitable for those with children who spend their free time playing outside the home. Providing them with an exclusive space will make the game more fun and safer in relation to climate change. To understand how to build a wooden house for your children you will have to focus attention on their needs, ensuring maximum safety in the game through solid and resistant structures. Inside it will be advisable not to create dangers such as low shelves or edges in general, but to leave the space as clear as possible so that the children themselves form their environment.

Wooden shed for tools If you love nature and have the opportunity to grow a vegetable patch in your garden, you will certainly need a sheltered place to store your tools. The ideal solution is to build a wooden house that can keep the various tools for the countryside sheltered from the elements that could, in the long run, compromise their functionality, creating harmful mold and rust for your objects. The height of the house must be at least two meters to be able to move freely and you will also have to build shelves and special spaces where you can store the objects so that they can be easily grasped. A small skylight will allow sunlight to enter to prevent too much humidity from being created, thus ruining the wooden handles of work tools.

Small house in the garden When the days come with a mild climate, the desire to always be away from home arises. If you have space in your garden, it will be very convenient to get a sheltered nook that can produce a comfortable, cool spot. A wooden house with a small veranda is the optimal answer to your needs. You can design and build a relaxing corner where you can put a table and armchairs to relax while sipping a drink and reading a good book. On beautiful summer days you can organize barbecues with your friends and use the cottage as a refreshment point with all the food, without entering your home and staying outdoors. Firm and sturdy, your wooden house will become the reference point of your summer life.

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How to build a wooden house – Garden sheds

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