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If you want to have fresh, home-grown vegetables all year round, the best and easiest way is to build a proper raised vegetable garden bed using treated timber. Video Rating: / 5 Shawna Coronado shows a unique and simple sun-ray vegetable garden design she planted in her own front yard. Using sustainable techniques like rotted manure instead of chemical fertilizer, Shawna builds a sustainable, green, and eco-friendly garden that anyone could do in their own front lawn. To see accompanying blog post and story so you can learn more about how-to do it, go to – Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Build a Raised Vegetable GardenYardening With Jeff Ball: How To Design And Build A Vegetable GardenHow To Design & Build a Vegetable GardenHow to Build Raised Beds for Your Vegetable GardenProtect Your Vegetable Garden from Small Animals & Build a No Cost Raised Bed at VeggielutionHow to Build Your Own Vegetable Garden

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  • Chaudhry Alligood 1 year ago

    You should go to woodprix website if you'd like to make it yourself m8s.

  • Arnetta Ambriz 1 year ago

    If you want you can learn from woodprix woodworking plans how to make it yourself.

  • Matthew Lavergne 1 year ago

    You may go to woodprix website if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

  • Fred Polster 1 year ago

    I am sure you'll learn how to make it if you'll read woodprix HANDBOOKS from cover to cover :)

  • Remington Mcneese 1 year ago

    Im sure you may build it too guys. Just look for woodprix page and build it too.

  • Renee Knox 1 year ago

    that garden looks amazing

  • imasurvivornthriver 1 year ago


  • waleed hadhood 1 year ago

    really amazing

  • Catherine Bruce 1 year ago

    Shawna you are helping me so
    much in my gardening
    keep it up.

  • Most probably this wont be welcomed by our home owners association let alone most neighbors. But I really wish I could use mine to be more useful to my family and those who're going hungry… Any ideas on how to have a low profile veggie/fruit front garden that doesn't stand out too much yet is a win-win!???

  • Jesse Mercury 1 year ago

    I think I will grow food to both eat and to give away…. but I am going to do it with vertical indoor vertical farming in a residential unit and it will comply with building codes, ordinances etc of most of the united states… see I am disabled and live in a government subsidized housing unit.. and many americans are in the same boat… so why shouldn't I demonstrate that by using a very small footprint of floorspace indoors you can have a very large garden that abides by the best spirits of permaculture…..

  • corporatejungles 1 year ago

    that patio is a hot mess.

  • heavymechanic2 1 year ago

    People are resistant to change and are easily blinded by the traditional type of landscape. Organic Gardening should never see any level of opposition by the government or a home owners association… Last year, I started a 3×19 garden and will expand it to 7×19 this year. Many people walking past commented about the vigor of the plants growing in my yard, no mention of the weed infested grass LOL!

  • V'Veldess Ingram II 1 year ago

    I noticed thats your front yard you are planting in ? U are so lucky…where i live i would have a big sticker on my door with a nice fine attached to it lol my front yard gets the MOST sun and i wish i could get something out of it…good luck 

  • Gardening With Puppies 1 year ago

    Very nice idea. I love it that you are feeding the hungry. 

  • Marko Marjanovic 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Shawna!!! +ure hot as hell ;)

  • Nicole oquendo 1 year ago

    i wish she could have said in the video what she was planting. I saw the collards I was just wondering what eles she would put in there

  • KC Heirlooms & Organics 1 year ago

    great video!

    -KC Heirlooms & Organics

  • Paul R 1 year ago

    Ms. Coronado, I think you are the most beautiful woman on youtube. Thank you for your inspiring videos. I loved your idea about donating your surplus produce to the local food pantry. That was an incredible idea. I live in an apt right now but I am moving back to an old house that I inherited in a rural area. I am looking forward to starting a garden. I cannot wait to donate my surplus produce to the local food bank. You are AWESOME !!! Thank you..

  • Chihuahuaization Amelie 1 year ago

    wow, that must have been very expensive!

  • themrhelperguy 1 year ago

    New vidoes on themrhelperguy 

  • Jason Herrick 1 year ago

    Okay…your awesome in so many ways….wish i had a usefull woman like you. But…i have to tell you…transplanting is done at dawn or dusk….plants need to sleep before they are subjected to sun. Not transplanting at proper time can stun a plants growth by 2 weeks. Also…us a green light bulb if at night so as not to change plants natural cycle. Hope this helps for nest season :)

  • nuclearthreat545 1 year ago

    you didnt show anything about how to do anything except make a terrible attempt at sun beam shaped garden spaces

  • Josh Real 1 year ago

    I love the ideas you have and use! Just because it says not recyclable doesn't mean it's not…And on a diff note you have a GREAT RACK! informative and fun to watch! Not tryin to be rude, it's the truth

  • Canadaheather 1 year ago

    Such a great idea. I'm going to use the stake and rope method for our garden. :)