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Today we made a trellis planter!! I love the way it turned out! We do all sorts of home/garden projects. Let us know what you thought of this one and leave a comment for suggestions for future videos! FOLLOW US HERE: Twitter @gardenanswer HELPFUL LINKS: Plans for this project: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Build a Cheap Strong Trellis for About 40 Bucks For Squash, Watermelon / MelonsHow to Build An Arched Trellis for 30 Dollars | Vertical GardeningHow to build a garden trellis CHEAP!!!How to Build a Rock Wall PlanterHow to Build a Monster Garden Trellis to Grow Kakai Pumpkins VerticallyHow to Build Tomato String Trellis Vertical Gardening with California Gardener

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  • Peg Dimarco 1 year ago

    It's simple, Just go to woodprix page – and enter the Wood World.

  • مسلم البصراوي 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for this beautiful design

  • Cravens Boughner 1 year ago

    Check Woodprix mates. I love it to my wooden projects.

  • Linda Inda 1 year ago

    could I use rubber paint for the inside of the planter.??

  • Kevin P 1 year ago

    Really impressive stuff, inspired me to give something like this a try!

  • Gris Espino 1 year ago

    Love it.. it can be modified as a potting center and the trellis a tool holder! Keep the projects coming 8)

  • Romelia Polly 1 year ago

    This time I will use Woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

  • Egor Savchenko 1 year ago

    i made it too. just used woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that website :)))

  • Conner Monier 1 year ago

    You should go to WoodPrix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

  • chicchick13 1 year ago

    I know I've already watched this video but it's so good! The planter is so beautiful. I really admire how you didn't see what you wanted out there so you built it! Great work!

  • Romelia Polly 1 year ago

    I know that you can get solutions for that on Woodprix website. just google 'Woodprix' :)))

  • POOJA GOSWAMI 1 year ago

    so beautiful…

  • Doyle Metzinger 1 year ago

    I made it with WoodPrix handbooks !

  • Carmella 1 year ago

    "sweet autumn clematis up the lattice " HAHA I LOVE that line .

  • Yura Kovalec 1 year ago

    Go to woodprix page if you want to learn how to build it yourself

  • Колька Пепси 1 year ago

    This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

  • Romelia Darosa 1 year ago

    I made it myself thanks to Woodprix website.

  • Tony 1 year ago

    Where did you get your finials? Home Depot and Lowes has a very limited selection

  • Keli Weisgerber 1 year ago

    I am pretty sure you can find good solution on WoodPrix page 🙂

  • Romaine Athey 1 year ago

    If you want to make your own woodworking yourself just look for Woodprix website. There is all you need to make it 🙂