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Some of our aeroponic plants are doing too well and they’re crowding out the “smaller” plants (which are still doing really well). We decided to move them from the aeroponic system to a top drip system. This will also allow us to keep the flowering veggies under an HPS light while moving the leafy veggies back to the MH light. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBuild a Hydroponic Drip Irrigation Bucket SystemHow to build hydroponic drip system for my plantsHow to build hydroponic drip system for my plantsHow to Set up a Hydroponic Drip System for Indoor Gardening | Versagrow | GrowAce.comDIY Hydroponics Top Drip Bucket SystemHow to make a Top Drip Bucket Hydroponic System

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  • nick and Aaron 1 year ago

    You should include beginner or brief overview in your video title. You explain almost nothing except how to hap-hazardly throw together buckets and do Alot of work just to drill holes in the bottom of the bucket.

  • Kamu Noat 1 year ago

    The drawback to hydroponics is you need to buy "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which can be costly.

  • Ami Acheson 1 year ago

    We ran the water 24 hours and it worked great. 

  • Richard johns 1 year ago

    How long does the water drip for?  when should it water the plants and when should it turn off? Mainly for fruiting plants. Thanks.