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You can greatly increase the amount of food you can grow in the same space by taking advantage of the vertical area in your garden. For vining crops like Melons and Cucumbers I love to use Simple Teepee Trellis. Today I show you how I install these cheap and effective trellis in my garden. They can even be used for indeterminate tomatoes! How to Grow Melons in Colder Climates: 10 Easy Tips to Grow More Food in Small Gardens: Check us out on Facebook: Video Rating: / 5 Based on viewer suggestion CaliKim and CameraGuy build a vertical garden arch watermelon trellis, quick, simple, and inexpensive using 16′ 4 Gauge Cattle Panel. Cattle Panel: Visit to get your free growing guide, “Grow 3 Vegetables in 6 Weeks”. Where to find CaliKim: Facebook Page: Instagram: Pinterest: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Build an Trellis using Electrical Conduit Simple and CheapHow To Build a Cheap Strong Trellis for About 40 Bucks For Squash, Watermelon / MelonsBuild this Hoop Trellis to Grow Your Cantaloupe and Watermelon Vertically2015 SFG – How to Build a Trellis to aid vertical gardening – Square Foot GardenHow to Make A Watermelon Garden Arch Trellis from a Cattle PanelHow to build a garden trellis CHEAP!!!

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  • walter sherwood 7 months ago

    I see how to improve my conduit frame I use for my blueberries. The teepee method looks like the way to go for my beans.

  • Sherry Braz 7 months ago

    i did the teepee trellis thing this year after watching your videos. my canteloupes bush cucumbers honeydew and watermelons are doing spectacular! awesome idea and takes up very little space. keeps the plant off the ground minimizing mold etc. im glad for you that the hail didnt destroy your nice garden. cheers!

  • Elyse Joseph 7 months ago

    Nice tip Steven, I never seen that kind of tomato netting, where did you find it?

  • Daniel Boulton 7 months ago

    Great tip and nice trellis thanks Stephen.

  • A. Random 7 months ago

    My indeterminates are over 2m tall and nearly uncontrollable even with the stakes.

  • Matt Jerr 7 months ago

    So simple Steven. I may have to book this in for next year.

  • Chris Towerton 7 months ago

    @ 1:25 … You and your crazy footwear! EDIT: I did think they were your "toe" shoes, but on closer inspection I see they are what we affectionately call "asylum shufflers", I've worn out many of those myself (outside that is and not in the corridors 😉

  • ButterflyOnMyWall 7 months ago

    thanks for the video! i may try this next season.

  • BobMels Gardens 7 months ago

    Great information Stephen. That is one of the reasons we grow bamboo. Best wishes Bob.

  • melovescoffee 7 months ago

    Very nice! I will try that next year. Do you happen to know any contraptions that keep well meaning acquantances out of the garden? I'm having such a dreadful year with them this year. They seem to totally ignore closed gates, closed doors and written signs of no entry/do not disturb. "well no, that doesn't apply to me, i'm a friend!". Yesterday one of them ripped out all my native herbs and threw away the mulch as a 'surprise' and then turned my cottage patio i have worked years on to establish, into a well scrubbed urban parkinglot when i was away for just one morning. Even the few native wasp orchis didn't survive the onslaught. It's never the strangers who cause trouble. It's the friends and acquantances doing the most damage, trampling and pulling at every darn thing! I've locked the gate now. What a shame i need to be a prisoner on my own soil just to keep it safe. I'm just devastated. I wish i wouldn't feel so bad because she meant well. 🙁

  • wildchook (Mary) 7 months ago

    I love the tepee trellis. I use it a lo in my garden. I am going to put some up for my sweetpeas. I will also do some later in the year for my cucumbers and snake beans. Love them.

  • emo4elmo 7 months ago

    i have used this for my beans in my raised bed sqf garden and it is a great method for trellising what would normally be a plant that takes up a lot of room into small spaces.

  • Chris Dahl 7 months ago

    I could never garden nowadays w/o a few trellis'. They save sooo much space!

  • chevy6299 7 months ago

    Cool Idea !!!

  • MrMac5150 7 months ago


  • Thomas Anderson 7 months ago

    I cut down about 9 or 10 8ft tall Box Elder saplings a while back. NOW I know what to do with them.

  • Catalin Oancea 7 months ago

    Super! Good job!

  • dymondwillow2 7 months ago

    As usual a good video and your garden looks great!

  • Dirtandseeds make 7 months ago

    Hi CaliKim29! Is too late to add a trellis around my butternut squash leaves. It is overtaking our garden bed. Thanks!

  • David The Good 7 months ago

    Heck yeah, Kim. I love cattle panels.

  • Maria E 7 months ago

    Wow!!!!! This is such a great informative video, now you've got me wanting to grow as much as I can vertically!!! Very smart!! Thanks for all of your efforts in making this video.

  • Reynaldo Fernandez 7 months ago

    where did you buy that cattle panel I mean which lowe's store.

  • 1Corinthians1:3 7 months ago

    @1:03… 3-2-1, rip!!!

  • Saturday's Child 7 months ago

    Just a tip, cattle panels are heavy as you said but if you lay it flat on the ground and just drag it like a sled from point A to point B a small child can move it. I know because I have moved hundreds of these going back to well childhood. Your transport method made clever use of the vehicle. When I heard what you were going to get I assumed you were pulling a flatbed trailer behind the SUV.

  • SALLIE TILLMAN 7 months ago

    Kim can you give measure on your Cow Planel, I like made one for watermelon thank you for information.

  • rvnmedic1968 7 months ago

    Will be using the concrete mesh next season for my cuckes. Were those large styrofoam coffee cups you used to start the watermelons? Great idea. Wait a minute! One of your other vids shows on the side how to start h2omelons in cups…Cheers!

  • Jesus Serna 7 months ago

    Hello Mrs. Calikim, how are you guys doing? I got involved with watching you vlogs early this year. You have inspired me to start a garden. I started out with tomatoes, onion and watermelons. Well the tomatoes were doing great but my 9 chickens help themselves to the tomatoes and the wild bunny finished off the watermelon. So for right now, I'm collecting grass clipping and leafs so I can start a compost for the fall and next spring. Thanks for your show. Let your hubby know he does a great job with the videos.

  • Amjad Hussain 7 months ago

    GOD has blessed u with beautiful eyes.

  • Eric Swift 7 months ago

    what's the best way to orient the cattle panel relative to the sun?

  • Audrey Evans 7 months ago

    Once again, a great video. I have looked for cattle panel (I live in the SF Bay Area), but can't find them anywhere. Beautiful couple..

  • Jim F 7 months ago

    I would like to see the follow up. I don't know if that will support the weight.

  • Linda Casey 7 months ago

    I saw a couple of videos growing canteloupes and they held the fruit up with nylon stockings so that they didn't break off while growing. Good luck.

  • Eddie Livingston 7 months ago

    Should have went to tractor supply. I payed 19.99 ea. I use them for my peas. I have 3 rows 48ft Never planted watermelons on them cant wait to see them.

  • you should use aluminum electric wire fence wire or stainless steel wire ,i have used that cement type wire you got and it really rust realy,realy bad ,great vidz !!!

  • smart451cab 7 months ago

    I don't think I'd quite be able to get that thang in my smart fortwo, heh. Of course, they'd deliver for $75 or so.
    Another nice video, thanks!

  • Laura Page 7 months ago

    Thanks to you I now know Lowe's and Home Depot  gardening and fencing  areas better than the employees. (LOL)  I walk around and look for ideas similar to your videos.  Keep the great ones coming (that's all of them)

  • Robin Hyatt 7 months ago

    Do you think this would work just as well for spaghetti squash?