Added by on 2018-03-02 – In this video Henry teaches you how to properly install asphalt roofing shingles on a shed. Everything you need to know is included in our detailed instructions – some of the main parts of asphalt roofing covered are: How to install roofing paper. How to install the asphalt shingle starter strip. How to install asphalt shingles. How to cut asphalt shingles and ridge caps. How to install asphalt roofing ridge caps. How to trim shingles on the front and back for a clean straight finish. We intentionally left out a roof drip edge. You may wish to use these if you live in a very wet or windy climate … otherwise it is really not required for a shed and just adds additional cost. View 15 all of our Shed Building videos on our YouTube Channel: Our Shed Plans for this shed are available here: We have more projects coming up in the spring of 2017, Don’t miss them: Subscribe to the Country Life Projects channel here: Shed Design & Plans Copyright – All Rights Reserved Related PostsHow To Build A Lean To Shed – Part 7 – Roofing InstallRoofing – How to Install Asphalt Shingles – Getting Started WalkthroughRoofing – How To Install Exhaust Vent – Stove Dryer Bathroom – Asphalt Shingles“Asphalt Shingles Roofing – How to Install Valley” by RoofRepair101Roofing – How To Install 10 inch Exhaust Vent Asphalt ShinglesROOFING: How To Install Laminated Asphalt Shingles

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  • Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane 11 months ago

    Outstanding. Well explained and easy to follow instructions. Thanks for this vid

  • jjprices 11 months ago

    Thank you very much! Best instructional video I could find by far, just finished up my first shingling project 10 minutes ago. 🙂

  • B Mcginnis 11 months ago

    Great video and thanks for posting it. Just finished rebuilding my shed and installing a new roof. Couldn't have done it without your help – thanks!

  • mirooo Vuujjj 11 months ago

    Nice video and clear explanation. Thanks.

  • Santy Jim 11 months ago

    Thank you for you help

  • sylvain roy 11 months ago

    Thank s ! Well explained and easy to follow instructions.

  • Hi did you put a 1 inch over the gable ends? That seems like its a lot. A lot of others only put a 1/2 inch. I like the inch but is it going to sag?

  • Raymond Simmons 11 months ago

    wow, what a teacher

  • Hearthman1159 11 months ago

    If you put a dab of plastic roof cement over any exposed nail heads, collect some colored granules from the packaging and sprinkle onto the cement. It will camouflage it.
    I was surprised you didn't use a metal drip cap on the edges. A roofer from South Florida taught me after Hurricane Hugo to apply a wide strip of "bull" or plastic roof cement along all edges so the wind cannot lift them off. That is especially true at those ridge caps that don't have any cement under them.
    All exposed edges ideally should be bevelled or have a drip kerf cut into them and primed to prevent capillary water damage.
    Really good video series over all with a good host, well thought out videography and script. Glad to see the editing correcting misspeaking as everyone does it.
    Water is what destroys buildings so at every step consider how to keep it out.

  • raslaje 11 months ago

    Nice video and clear explanation. Thanks.

  • the eabster 11 months ago

    do you have a video on a reroof? redoing a roof that already has one layer of shingles on it?

  • Harry Cunningham 11 months ago

    Excellent instructional video for first timers, thank you,

  • pguiver 11 months ago

    Chalking lines all over the roof isn't really necessary. As long as you make sure that your first course is straight, then each following course will be straight if you install them all with equal exposure. Either with the gauge on the nail gun (or the gauge on a shingling hatchet if hand nailing) or using the tip of the tab groove as the exposure guide.

  • Boar Hog 11 months ago

    This is the guy that one should have to do your roof. Not too many that care anymore. Everyone wants to save a hour and screw it up.

  • TigerNgtMare 11 months ago


  • Roofing Companies CT 11 months ago

    Did a pretty good job installing the three-tab asphalt fiberglass mat roofing shingle..Good tip about looking for damage on the edge of the bundles and squares..the closed rake and soffit looks pretty nice on this shed..

  • Ana Hg 11 months ago

    Best video on youtube!

  • kim Li 11 months ago

    Thank you so much for your video show me step by step although my English is not good but I still understanding how to do it. Thank you again. I will fix my roof tomorrow.

  • Amit Shah 11 months ago

    Thanks for showing with all the details. It helped me in building 8' x 12' shed all by myself.

  • Aelanna64 11 months ago

    When using the spacer board on the front, isn't that screwed into the trim piece that was just put up, making unsightly screw holes? Do you go back and fill those in later after you take the spacer off?