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In this video, Mat Woodyatt, Training Manager at Redland Roofing demonstrates how to put together a full metric roofing system. Follow onscreen instructions to skip to selected chapters For more self build guides, advice and inspiration, visit Video Rating: / 5 Renovating my Investment Property to flip or rent, here I’m doing some exterior work. Getting Closer! Buy a Graco Sprayer Here- My Other Channels- The Homestead Craftsman- Square Inch- Facebook- Instagram- In this video, I start re-roofing the house. I start with removing the old asphalt shingles. I decided to re-sheath the roof, I did so by layering on a layer of 7/16 OSB over the existing plywood sheathing. I dried the house in with 30 pound felt paper. This set’s me up to plumb my vents through the roof, apply drip edge and shingle the house up…coming soon. This video ends with applying plywood to the underside of the overhangs and spray on a coat of Olympic solid stain. It’s quite a project but one that I am enjoying, both the work and sharing the process with you all. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofSelf build round wooden house. Wool insulation, grass roof, rainwater harvesting.How to Build a Green Roof on A Shipping Container House 2018 | SHELTERMODEThe Sims 4 Speed Build: The Green Roof HouseHow To Build A Thatch Roof, UK European styleEco Game: How to build your walls and roof SIMPLE


Green Roofs



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  • Riparian Iama 4 months ago

    Correct Height of fascia board above rafters is very important.

  • Son Goku 4 months ago

    Im in the middle of watching wolf children, how did I end up here ?

  • zeeaars 4 months ago

    You give only training? Cause looks like sollid roofing , you can do my roof ?,i live in the netherlands and we have different style tiling over here

  • zeeaars 4 months ago

    Why not screws ? Rvs screws i use all the time but i see everyone use nails why is that

  • zeeaars 4 months ago

    Love youre videos but one question

  • Pier Luc Côté-Rivard 4 months ago

    I have never saw a roof like that in the Province of Quebec. In Quebec everyone think this kind of roof cannot extend our winter and will fail. What to you think about that? Do you think it can resist the pound of the snow and the very cold temperature (-30°C)?

  • Reg McCormack 4 months ago

    Why would you vent that way why not vent the gable end also tile roofs have a certain amount of natural venting

  • Haydn Williams 4 months ago

    Lol you use a galvanised nail to fix your first tile, not cool redland !!

  • Haydn Williams 4 months ago

    Hi, so if you specify a 10mm drape for water to flow… your saying your tiles leak? or are expected to leak?

  • Belia Krouse 4 months ago

    do it yourself , go to woodprix page and learn how .

  • Jeff Cole 4 months ago

    £££ must be costly to have fitted. Also try finding a roofer in the UK with the brains to fit it.

  • Jaime Martinez 4 months ago

    Where is the decking

  • Sarfraz Munir 4 months ago

    Great video

  • tigertruckerman 4 months ago

    How come no boards under felt?

  • Peacetube2011 4 months ago

    Very nice tutorial clip….i really admire that step by step explainations. Thanks for ur great effort.

  • Andy Cooper 4 months ago

    Awesome video giving a very concise explanation of how a pitched roof is constructed.
    Well done Matt and Redland

  • V PHOENIX 4 months ago

    silly bloody poms, when we build our roofs in australia, we make sure we put a house under the bloody things first, that way we can work out how big the buggers have to be..

    shit, and you blokes have suppose to have built Buckingham palace, the bloody wog bastard romans probably built it !!

  • Screaming Dean 4 months ago

    Are concrete tiles more resistant to winds blowing them off than asphalt or clay tiles?

  • BenBen153 4 months ago

    Where did the attic vents go?

  • formerly 987946216430 4 months ago

    I'm sure you'll answer this in one of the next videos anyway, but just wondering about venting your attic. Do you plan on putting in a ridge vent when you're shingling or will you be putting gable vents in or something else? Cheers from PEI Canada, Bryan

  • Ticonderoga Dixon 4 months ago

    The ladder-to-ladder crawl at 9:10 had me giggling, cheers. Pretty cool how you use a clamp and board as your 'helping hands' too.

  • No Future 68 4 months ago

    Double sheating the roof & non vented soffet? Rot city…

  • jojuae 4 months ago

    Are you doing a tankless water heater?

  • Jackson Murphy 4 months ago

    8:48 I just watched a ladder safety video today at work and that wasn't part of it

  • Jacob Hoffman 4 months ago

    man, hold the hammer at the bottom of the grip, slide the nails between your index and middle finger, tap it once to get it to bite into the plywood, then get that hand out of the way and slam that fucker into the roof…. my sister does it for crying out loud! ….

  • heard that Rush L. in the background +1

  • Rodo M. 4 months ago

    looks like a shed, –very small house —-but you can build a castle out of it —

  • Hosme Huerta 4 months ago

    I just want to comment on this. but you do tests in the houses that you buy against asbestos since I see that you work in them without any protection.

  • acw2099 4 months ago

    no attic ventilation? 'yet' i hope….

  • David Virgilio 4 months ago

    Please be careful on the ladders. Falls are the number one cause of death on a job site. Being on a ladder is a lot more dangerous than it looks. The risk of injury doing those acrobatics far outweigh the 30 seconds you save by not safely adjusting your ladder on the ground.

  • Justin Bonney 4 months ago

    lol at 8:57 and 9:10 I dont know what the equivalent of Work Safe is in the states, but they would be screaming if they saw the stuff you do. Leaning over the edge of the roof without a harness haha

  • Yeti8it 4 months ago

    If I was close by to your location I would volunteer my help on the house when I could .

  • Lou Moritz 4 months ago

    Not seeing soffit vents, no ridge or gable end vent…how do you plan on exchanging air in the attic space?

  • username 4 months ago

    That's a storage shed with a roof, not a house. — but in San Francisco or Manhattan NYC…that would costs $1.5 million.

  • Sarah Clark 4 months ago

    Just found your videos. Really enjoying following your progress. Nice color, I hope you pick a nice color front door! Can’t wait to see the finished product. Good luck!

  • Stacy Pfeifer 4 months ago

    Are you going to post another one when it’s completely finished!? Make sure it’s a long one!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Woody Murphy 4 months ago

    I was worried about the integrity of the overhang extensions. Should have known you would overlay the roof. Looking good. I've powered through the entire series of videos. Can't wait to see more.

  • patricia ney 4 months ago

    A small porch for the entry and the porch roof would keep out the rain..when opening the door. Enjoy watching your journey.