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In this video I show you exactly how to build a retaining wall with landscape blocks. You’ll learn how to design your retaining wall, the tools you need, how to build it step by step, and even some retaining wall design ideas. First, I’ll walk you through how to design your retaining wall, and the critical components you need to include so your retaining wall doesn’t fail. Things like proper drainage, a solid base material, and making sure you dig deep enough. Most people skip critical steps, like digging deep enough for a 6″ packed gravel base – which is critical for the structural integrity of your wall. You’ll also learn the importance of using 3/4″ gravel behind your retaining wall blocks so excess moisture doesn’t cause your wall to tip over. Then, I’ll demonstrate how wide to dig the trench before building your wall, and what to consider when planning it out. Then, we’ll go right into building it, starting with the first row of blocks., which you’ll need to make sure are perfectly level. I’ll share some tips for making this much easier so you can save time. This home improvement project will have a dramatic impact on your landscape, and it doesn’t cost that much. In fact, this 50′ long wall, that is 3′ tall, only cost me about ,000 in materials total. That’s pretty amazing considering the transformation it made to my backyard. I think you’ll like this video, because it includes a time-lapse of building the wall as well – so you can get an idea of exactly how much work goes into installing a retaining wall – which is a lot! And by the way… If you enjoy DIY projects, and you’d like to learn how to turn your DIY skills into a profitable […]

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  • Wesley Hearst 8 months ago

    This is the best video I've seen on building a retaining wall! That whole landscape looks awesome sir!

  • Saif Salomy 8 months ago

    Is there any classes in person for teaching construction Technics. I need to learn theses please

  • vikings844 8 months ago

    Nice looking wall! Should go at least 1 foot behind wall with crushed rock though.

  • Brian Harris Drummer 8 months ago

    Great video, Dan! Thanks! Building my first retaining wall and this definitely helps!

  • oandersontech 8 months ago

    Good job! My wife and I built ours in about five days. It's about 30 ft long/3ft high.

  • Chris Healey 8 months ago

    Great video, but I'm curious as to why you never used any weeping tile for drainage.

  • NEB Barnes 8 months ago

    So I am building my first ever retaining wall but its going to be rather small. Only 3 bricks high actually and 8 bricks long. Not sure the exact measurements, just went to Lowes and purchased "Retaining Wall Bricks". Anyhow, was wondering to level those bricks do I used the sand type stuff or small rock type stuff? Or does it matter since its not gonna be so high? Do I have to cover half the first layer of brick below ground? its going to be right next to the concrete slab that is going to be tilted away from the basement door.

  • Mark Hamilton 8 months ago

    Whats the name of these type of blocks are they available in the uk cant find them

  • richihiatus 8 months ago

    How did you dig that trench? I imagine a shovel would be really hard work and take forever.

  • Something Or other 8 months ago

    Thanks, now I know better than to try this lol

  • David Moutardier 8 months ago

    You did a good job. The best way to get a level base look up Quick-E-Wall Screed video. You don’t need the chains. I used clean #10 on top and base was perfect for the first wall I ever built. Also knock off the back lip from first row of block to set level.

  • carlos Jr 8 months ago

    How level do I need to have the first row cus I’m having trouble trying to level the first set of bricks

  • Keturah Garrett 8 months ago

    My backyard is almost just like yours and I've been wanting a retaining wall for the longest. Do you offer assistance via email? I am looking for some suggestions on how I can achieve this with a sloped yard.

  • Drew West 8 months ago

    Super helpful. Thank you so much. You did an amazing job with the video.

  • Dominick Deangelo 8 months ago

    So, those lipped blocks are exactly what you said "CHEAP". Think you might wanna do some research on proper install of a retaining wall. For every course up you need a half a course buried. Every two feet up needs geo-grid. Any wall over 3 ft needs to be engineered. Stop spending time spreading cheap info.

  • rob etheridge 8 months ago

    Wow, maybe his tamper wouldv‘t fit because he only had 2-3“ of aggregate behind his wall. Terrible.

  • rob etheridge 8 months ago

    You might want to use a block that doesn‘t ‚lip‘ together. Those are the worst blocks to use unless you just want to make a buck and skip town. You also need AT LEAST twice as much drainage aggregate behind your blocks.

  • Kiltic Studios 8 months ago

    Well done video! Thank you, sir!

  • Lydia Davenport 8 months ago

    Great video!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Howey 8 months ago

    Thanks for the great video!