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We are going to show you how to build a Retaining wall by using examples of why they Fail. Today we cover the basics that will let you build a better wall and Land more Jobs! This Retaining wall Project near Mendota Heights MN is typical of an Installation gone wrong. You can avoid these common mistakes and Learn how to Build a retaining wall for yourself. Get your walls done right with and The Landscape Business Pro Podcast- The Voice of the Landscaping and Construction Industry. Genadek Landscaping and Excavating GT Lawn Maintenance Linked In- Hit me up! Twitter: Facebook: Email: Dirt Monkey: Mike Michalowicz Profit First Podcast BJ Smith the Busy Marketer Podcast Aprille Janes Bolder Business Podcast Down the Garden Path Radio Program- Find the right Contractor Practical Tips In Finding And Hiring The Right Contractor Brian Burns- The 5 tenants of Sales Success Tom Reber StrongPrenuer Podcast Episodes of Landscape Business pro: Video Rating: / 5 Order AREN’T YOU EMBARRASSED now! Amazon: iTunes: Also available: Amazon CD: iTunes Audio: Come see me live: Follow me on Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCatastrophic Retaining Wall Failure Goes to Court in St.Paul MNHow to Build a Small Retaining Wall in a WeekendHow to Build a Timber Retaining Wall – This Old HouseHow To Build a Retaining WallBuilders DIY: Designing your Garden – Building a Retaining Wall & SeatGardening: kids retaining wall

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  • _phildo_ Poopypants 1 year ago

    Come on dude you talk about being "professional " and you cant even spell it right.

  • Jeffrey23az 1 year ago

    My guess is the dislikes on this video are from other contractors who want to use shortcuts and shortchange their customers.

  • Cole McLeod 1 year ago

    Nice tutorial, clear and to the point. One thing you might want to fix may seem nit-picky, but I think it may have a negative impact, right when you don't want it to.
    At 7:02 your onscreen captioning reads;
    Compliment your competition!
    It makes you look proffesional!
    …Even typing that here in comments is getting red-underlined by auto-spellchecker.
    I freakin' know you're a professional – but you gotta spell that word right.
    If you freeze the frame at 7:02, it's actually kinda funny.

  • dblanke80 1 year ago

    How does the top course of blocks disconnect from the course below with no dirt pushing them from behind?

  • kindofpseudonym 1 year ago

    Hi Stanley, great video. Just wondering, would you use Ag pipe for drainage on the retained side of the wall, if you live in a heavy rain area?

  • skmetal7 1 year ago

    So are walls like these typically never mortared?

  • TheHarleytt 1 year ago

    Thank you for the video and your time . I need to build a retaining wall here in Texas and I have pure clay that expands and contracts a few inches inches from soaking wet to bone dry . I will have to try and find your product in my area or something similar . I had troubles hearing you with my volume all the way up on the laptop and the video player , is it possible for you to increase it in the video a tiny bit .

  • Train Wreck Mowing 1 year ago

    thanks a lot this really helped me understand how to do a reatinign wall better and more properly

  • Zachary Johnson 1 year ago

    5:00 Squirrel!!

  • Trump Wall 1 year ago

    I want to hire you sir to build my golden wall.

  • Mark Johns 1 year ago

    Geo-fabric a couple of rows down would have really heled when the load of the motor vehicle was applied to the backfill

  • Sutherland420 1 year ago

    Can you make retaining walls just out of concrete?

  • jjenson2006 1 year ago

    Why not just pour in some concrete and call it a day?

  • getsumbaby 1 year ago

    You picked a poor quality built wall in the first place. My stacked garden block wall is 7' high and very strong. Because it was properly built from the start.

  • Robin Slovak 1 year ago

    Super informative. Keep these tips coming!

  • Joaquin Segura 1 year ago

    thanks man

  • Joaquin Segura 1 year ago

    Hi Stanley, first I would like to thank you for making all this vids that other people would not even tell you where to buy the stuff from. I have one question or you. what it's the maket price to deliver and plant a Colorado blue evergreen it's a 48 gal. about 15 feet. I know it's way to big for me to handle because I don't own a bobcat but if I don't try new stuff I'll be stock just mowing lawns. I got to start somewhere and you are a big help with your vids I watch them all.

  • enlightened 1 1 year ago

    that's why I always use Unilock

  • Ez Target 1 year ago

    What about blocks that have the lip but are hollow all the way through? If they are installed properly (with crusher stone) won't they drain properly?

  • Alexander Santamaria 1 year ago


    I'm going to be excavating 4 planter boxes for a total of 489 yards of dirt with a mini long would this take ??? I got a quote and the guy said two days to excavate but I need to be sure before I send the final quote

  • Antonio Arki 1 year ago

    Testa di cazzo

  • Jo DeFranco 1 year ago

    Hysterical! I so identify with this! Looking for a solution to my critters stealing my veggies! LMAO Very creative.

  • Its_All_Guti 1 year ago

    Omg Him and kevin hart should do a show together or an interview or something!!!

  • Its_All_Guti 1 year ago

    Love him omg!!! I'm dying of laughter

  • Survivor1947 1 year ago

    I loved this guy in Night At the Roxbury.

  • stuntcardriver 1 year ago

    oh this is great!

  • backyardbread 1 year ago

    "We sent a message." So funny.

  • Siobhan Cronin 1 year ago

    Seeing him live tomorrow night!!! Can't WAIT!!!!

  • Chris Ghanbari 1 year ago

    The best comedian right now is him.

  • Joel Pichardo 1 year ago


  • tony tarheel 1 year ago

    I'm a huge fan wish he had a special on HBO where can I find full special on him. I first saw him do a doorbell routine he might be top 3 funniest out right now. love his stuff

  • Lin Howe 1 year ago

    I wanna marry this guy. Too funny! !!

  • Michael Roberts 1 year ago

    antifreeze sends a MESSAGE!!!!

  • kim giammaria 1 year ago

    you're the best… much like my husband and his buddies from upstate NY!

  • Nick l 1 year ago

    LOL…Yup! Thats us dagos.
    We take our garden & fruit trees serious!

  • Joe Ala 1 year ago

    fucking hilarious!!!!!!!

  • Gina Cangin 1 year ago

    OMG My family, LOLOLOL

  • Wacky Tic Tac 1 year ago

    Z u c c h i n i