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How to easily build a raised garden bed out of wooden pallets for free! …Well almost free. Building a raised vegetable garden with pallets or reclaimed wood is a really rewarding experience. The garden bed idea out of pallets came about from the fact that l wanted to build a rustic looking raised garden bed. A vegetable garden bed that not only provides delicious food, but looks good at the same time. The recycled wood has come from hardwood timber pallets that have been sourced totally FREE of charge! I’ve always wanted to build a raised vegetable garden bed so stay tuned to this video. The garden beds will be approx. 2.4 metres (8 foot) long x 1.2metres (4 foot) wide. Before l go on, don’t’ forget: SUBSCRIBE to shaneconlan1 and never miss a video again! and Check us out on Facebook Music supplied by Jason Shaw at Released under Creative Commons License 3.0. Music Titles: Jennys Theme and Banjo Short Materials and Tools Required for Constructing a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed out of Wooden Pallets with sides of 380mm (15 inches) high and 2400mm (94 inches) long are; Materials: Three to Four Hardwood Pallets. (Free) Two Packets (100 screws per packet) of 40mm Outdoor Screws to build your Panels. .00 One Packet of 65mm (50 per Packet) Out door Screws to attach your Panels to each other. .00 Tools: Drop Saw, Hand Saw or Circular Saw. Cordless Drill with size 2 Phillips Head Bit. Drill bit for drilling pilot holes. The drill bit needs to be smaller in diameter than the screw you are using. An Electric Planer (if you plan to dress your timber). A Square. A Bar Clamp (used for pulling the boards together if you want a tight fit prior to screwing together) […]

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  • malcolm lewis 1 year ago

    very good m8, looks great

  • Wiratni Hopkins 1 year ago


  • Dave Dangerous 1 year ago

    Whos ya mate nag-gaz … Go-nads? Like ya garden. Make a good funeral casket too lol. Plant ya upside down so they can plant some daisies too.

  • jim8202 1 year ago

    Nice job mate, that is the very fellow for me !!

  • mojoe367 1 year ago

    11:02 "Great tip Nig-gaz" hahaha..

    Awesome work there mate!

  • ptrainingbytim 1 year ago

    You sir are a genius.

  • Ben Evans 1 year ago

    Great to see some Aussie woodworking projects. great tips. ive been watching Steve Ramsey and Izzy Swan. Subscribed as soon as i saw your 1st vid… keep it up.

  • Zas Huysmans 1 year ago

    waterbased oil??:p what kind of witchcraft is that

  • Egy Coordinator 1 year ago

    Amazing, I like it!

  • wormengoeroe 1 year ago

    this is magnificent, just what I needed

  • Barry Norman 1 year ago

    Super cool and easy enough for the average guy.I really wish I'd found your chanel sooner, but hey found it now and look forward to new stuff. Thanks mate.

  • redbennyweb 1 year ago

    This was a very informative well put together video thanks!

  • lazwdowning 1 year ago

    Loved this video! Entertaining and very informative! Thank you!!! Going to make one of these for my mum 🙂 Keep up the great work buddy

  • Gregarious Antithesis 1 year ago

    Liked the pillows and blankets funny funny!!!

  • limelight06 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing your love for gardening and wood working.

  • damla sengul 1 year ago

    Love it.Happy Days

  • Vegan Sabina 1 year ago

    Beautifuly designed! I love the hoop addition it could also work for people in colder climate to throw over a clear plastic tarp. Oh and if you want to keep it really natural you can protect the wood with coconut oil.

  • devien bales 1 year ago

    why the hell do you not have a tv show already. your videos are good and informative.

  • Penny Locke 1 year ago

    I'm going to combine your "building a work bench" base, and add the planter bed on top, so I have an elevated bed, since I want to be standing to garden.  Using re-cycled wood for each portions that way they look like they're meant to be together.  I don't have an electric planer, but, I like the old wood look anyway.  Thanks for your great ideas and easy to follow instructions.  

  • Michael Flynn 1 year ago

    Brilliant thanks..