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This is the seventh part in a series on how to build a pole barn or pole garage. This video shows how to install the metal roof and metal trim. For a complete materials list, plans, and a very cool 3D Sketchup model of this project click the link below. Pole Barn Plans and Materials At the bottom of that page there’s a link that will take you to where you can download this information. You can get a free version of Trimble Sketchup here: Related PostsOld-fashioned Pole Barn, Pt 4 – Framing the Roof – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 9Building an Old-fashioned Pole Barn, Pt 6 – The Farm Hand’s Companion Show, ep 125 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Metal RoofingHow to install chimney flashing when using Union’s MasterRib metal roofing panel.Metal Roofing Calculator – free app for iPhone & Android – (HD)Standing Seam Metal Roofing Arlington | Call 817-274-6777 | Arlington Standing Seam Metal Roofing


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  • Kyle Karwowski 1 week ago

    This is a really helpful series of videos. Nice job and thank you for posting them.

  • miranda hines 1 week ago

    most helpful videos ive seen yet! Thanks!

  • Derek Snyder 1 week ago

    First, I want to say: this is an incredibly well-done and helpful video series! I really, really appreciate the thought and effort you put into presenting this information well, and I learned a ton. One note I wanted to make on the 'bubble-wrap' insulation, whether it's double-bubble or otherwise: for the purpose of actually insulating an enclosure, the stuff is pure snake oil. There is no magic physics loophole that allows a 3/8" thick layer of bubble wrap to provide R7, R8, or whatever else the manufacturers claim these days. The reason those manufacturers haven't been bankrupted by false advertising lawsuits is that they managed to construct a hypothetical installation method in which it does actually perform that way. The thing is – it's an installation method that is so arduous and impractical that anyone reading the spec would go "you've got to be kidding me". It's also an installation method that would preclude its usage in this exact scenario, namely sandwiched between trusses and sheet metal roofing. I've no doubt that it fulfills the need stated here – to catch condensation and provide a kind of 'oven' to evaporate that condensation – but its insulation capabilities in this installation are negligible at best.

  • G Kotok 1 week ago


  • Davyd Kotok 1 week ago


  • Mario Young 1 week ago

    Double bubble has no R value

  • Mario Young 1 week ago

    Instead of drip edge… I'd use eave trim

  • Cotronixco 1 week ago

    Those who can't think of many things at once put the fasteners in the ribs. Those who understand physics, want tight fasteners, and a stable building with fantastic triangular strength place the fasteners in the flats.

  • Lizard King 1 week ago

    Great series. I think I can do it.

  • Ben A 1 week ago

    Henkie Notification Squad !!!!!!!

  • JEJ 711 1 week ago

    Great video and I cant wait to get over to your site to see the sketchup and breakdown of cost!

  • Mac Pelao 1 week ago

    I would never have a metal roof installed with exposed screws.. doesn't matter if you screw them in properly..eventually, they will fail and your roof will leak within the first 5 years… if would have been better if you had done the Standing Seam Metal option.

  • MrB82901 1 week ago

    Great video, thanks for posting. A little lemon water to wash the goobers down before speaking works for me. Thanks again.

  • LyleDetriot 1 week ago

    This information is very helpful to me on my pole barn build. I chose to fasten on top of the rib too. Same reasons. Thanks brother.

  • ROARing MGTOW 1 week ago

    Just found this series – and it was very informative. As for working alone … I am with you there – it sucks. Things go better with help. Like one person can more than double the productivity.

  • LA5150 1 week ago

    You're hilarious in a good way!

  • Mrcaffinebean 1 week ago

    Great video, you do a great job explaining things.

  • John Leblanc 1 week ago

    Ok love at

  • Carlos V 1 week ago

    thats a nice truck 🙂

  • Kesha Borja 1 week ago

    You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from woodprix .