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How to Build a Long and Narrow Planter Box | Lumber Click the red SUBSCRIBE button or click here: to see more videos just like this – I make videos like this every week! ☀ Social INSTA – TWITTER – ☀ Videos You Might Like.. DIY… More Outdoor Planter Boxes – Quick and Easy Garage Shelves – Easy Garage Workbench – Pallet Wood End Tables – Farmhouse Table Top – ☀ About me I’m into building things for my home, lover of all things healthy/organic/non-toxic, learning new things, kind people & newly interested in a simplified lifestyle. _____________________________ FOR THIS PROJECT YOU WILL NEED: MATERIALS LIST: (14) 1x6x6 Dog Ear Pickets – weather treated (3) 2x4x8s – weather treated (2) 2x2x6s – weather treated (1) Box of Screws 120 grit Sandpaper Exterior Wood Glue Exterior Wood Filler (for filling screw holes) Exterior Paint/stain + paint supplies CUT LIST: (12) 1x6x6 @ 71-1/4″ (long front/back sides) (12) 1x6x6 @ 11″ (short left/right sides) (6) 2x4x8 @ 35-1/4″ (for right, left, middle leg sets) (6) 2x4x8 @ 11″ (for inner supports) (2) 2x2x6 @ 69-1/2″ TOOLS LIST: Tape measurer Miter saw (or ask your home improvement store to make the cuts for you) Power drill Safety glasses Level ————————— Once a week I upload a new DIY video. If you want to get in touch with a business inquiry, shoot an email to Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts⟹ DIY 55 gallon self watering vertical garden planter | How to build start to finish!DIY Modern Raised Planter Box // How To Build – WoodworkingHow to Build a Vertical Herb Garden PlanterGovernment to build 1400 km long Green wall #UPSC #CurrentAffairsHow to Build a Planter Box. An AWESOME Planter Box for $7.50!!DIY Raised Planter […]

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  • dee feran 11 months ago

    Thank you, i need to ask husband to try this, but i have personal question what are the height this planter box?

  • Valerie Wray 11 months ago

    I can't wait to try this!

  • Romaine Athey 11 months ago

    Great to see that… I made it too. Using woodprix handbooks 🙂

  • Richard Chacon 11 months ago


  • Ar.OsamaB 11 months ago

    The planters will rot eventually how do you avoid that?

  • Adrian Tudor 11 months ago

    Awesome job I am looking to do the same for my patio

  • Melissa Price 11 months ago

    These are gorgeous and look perfect to put in front of my trashcan hiders in the front yard that I am making a patio for. The patio will have a lot of dirt / soil leftover. Do you think I could fill the base with the dirt and soil, instead of doing the shelves, or do you think that would make it too heavy and it would seep through / they would fall over?

  • Castle of Costa Mesa 11 months ago

    Thank you for your wonderful tutorial! I am looking to build something similar to directly hold soil and grow climbing roses in my long and narrow alleyway (without using separate planted bins inside). I wonder if the structure, lined inside, will be strong enough to hold dirt, water and climbing roses. Fence boards are not as thick as regular 2×4. Would soil moisture warp the narrow and tall planter over time? Thank you!

  • Ciara Trujillo 11 months ago

    What did you put inside of them to hold the plants? Was there a large trough planter bin inside or did you just put the plants in their existing pots right inside the box?

  • Made 2 planter boxes, a 4×2 & 2×2. Used 2×3 inch posts and 6 foot pine pickets. Nails, stain. Total cost $78.

  • Dan Of All Trades 11 months ago

    Awesome! Way to go. Found a good DIY. Thanks for posting

  • recordshopper 11 months ago

    Youre badass!

  • tkschannel 11 months ago

    Dont use pressure treated lumber if you are making planters for vegetables or herbs, it will leech in the soild very toxic..

  • melvin hernandez 11 months ago

    You are the answer to all my question…thanks for the videos very helpful

  • Melrose Design Company 11 months ago

    Awesome Planter boxes! Can't beat the price point to make them either! Thanks for the video!

  • DIYWithDara 11 months ago

    super cute!! i need some like this too! i love the idea but theres so much wood involved! i'd have to make a list before i go to home depot to actually buy all this! then rewatch this video like a thousand times! ; ) definitely worth a shot though!

  • Vom808 11 months ago

    My wife and I loves your planters.
    We’re starting to make the today. Mahalo!